How Flowers Can Impact Your Health


Medical technology has come a long way over the course of human history, and yet some things remain the same. At the top of the list of things that don’t change is flowers and their effect on health.

The very first medications doctors ever prescribed were the plants and flowers they found around them. Some of these plants had medicinal properties while others were harmful to us, and ancient sages knew how to use or avoid all of them. Before there was aspirin and bacitracin, what passed for medicine relied on properties of plants to resolve the same symptoms. Poultices made with crushed herbs were used to heal wounds, while teas and even aromatherapies have been used for everything from easing pain to improving one’s mood.

Today, science has confirmed that there was something to these archaic methods. From using the gel in aloe vera to moisturize the skin to drinking tea with chamomile to help sleep, studies have shown that plants really do have properties that affect our health in positive ways. Just having flowers around is a way to uplift your mood and keep the air around you clean. Since flowers are a common gift to encourage people who are ill or have been hospitalized, it also pays to know which flowers can have the most impact!

When considering plants and health, most people look at benefits to humans. However, some flowers may be pretty to look at, have beneficial properties, and still have risks in your house. This is especially true with small children and pets in the home, because at least adults know which plants not to eat! Allergies are the most common health problem associated with flowers, with some flowers having intense effect and some having none at all.

The following infographic is your one-stop guide to everything you need to consider about flowers and your health. Whether you are just trying to spruce up your own home or office, or you are buying flowers for someone special in your life, this infographic has you covered!

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