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So it’s her birthday, and you want to get her something extra special? If you’re planning to send flowers, maybe you want them to be really unique. Why not send flowers that match her birthstone?

Many of us share a special connection with our birthstone, and for some, the color of the stone even becomes their favorite color.  So, if you want to send a gift that shows you appreciate the extra special nature of her birthday, send a bouquet that matches her birthstone and her birth month.

Here’s our list of beautiful happy birthday flowers for her birthstone:

January: Garnet

The red garnet is the birthstone for January, so send a bouquet that matches the deep, rich reds of her lucky stone.

Red roses are always romantic, so there’s no going wrong with a bouquet full of them. You can also mix it up and select any flower that comes in red -- tulips, daisies, etc.

Carnations and snowdrops are the official birth flower for January, so send an extra special bouquet of red carnations accented with beautiful white snowdrops for the perfect January bouquet. Carnations are associated with fascination and intrigue, which is a fitting match for the promise of the new year that comes in January.

January is split between Capricorns and Aquarians. For Capricorns, the durability of African violets makes them an ideal choice to guarantee that their steady, dependable nature will have a similar plant to look after for months to come. Aquarians are generally very spiritual and intuitive, so the orchid is the perfect floral match for that.

February: Amethyst



Amethysts come in many colors, ranging from pink to purple and more. Purple is the most popular color, so a bouquet of violets or primroses would be a gorgeous choice.

You can go with more common flowers like pink and purple roses or daisies, and then accent them with lavender sprigs for something more ornate. Coincidentally, violets and primroses are also the birth flowers for February.

Another beautiful February choice with a hint of amethyst purple is the iris  -- they symbolize faith, wisdom, and hope which means they’re not only a perfect color complement for February birthstones, but a good match for Aquarian traits. If your loved one is a Pisces, keep in mind that they like something quieter, such as Alstroemeria.

March: Aquamarine

The birthstone for March is aquamarine, so any delicate blue flowers would be a beautiful choice.

Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful blue flowers, if you want to have an exact match. You could also opt for a white bouquet of lilies or roses, with blue accents such as delphinium and hyacinths.

The birth flowers for March are daffodils, which are also the signature flower of spring. If your love is an Aries, they appreciate bold gestures and passion, so pick a brightly colored bouquet that reflects that.

April: Diamond



Since April’s birthstone is a diamond, you have nearly unlimited potential in the blooms you can select to match. Some of the more traditional white flowers that would make a lovely bouquet include orchids, roses, lilies, and carnations.

Sweet pea and daisies are the birth flower for April, which also offer beautiful white options to complement the sparkle of the April diamond.

If your lady was born in late April, she’s a Taurus, which means she appreciates natural beauty -- combine the April diamond white with the magnificence of a lily for a truly special bouquet.

May: Emerald

If you want to match the emerald of her birthstone, you have a lot of options -- send a leafy bouquet with lots of greenery for accents to accompany her favorite bloom and you’ll have a stunning emerald arrangement.

If you truly want a green bloom, try green chrysanthemums, a bloom called “Bells of Ireland”, or green gladiolus.

The lily is the birth flower for May, and there are actually green lilies so that’s something you could try if you want a bloom that’s a bit more unusual. If your love is a late May Gemini, go with roses, which perfectly captures their romantic natures and need for love and companionship -- you could go for an arrangement with a bounty of green accents.

June: Pearl

Similar to April, June is all about shades of white to match the beautiful pearl birthstone of the month. Anything from roses to lilies to orchids would be a beautiful choice.

Occasionally, pearls can have a pink pearlescent sheen to them, so go for a bouquet of white and pink roses to capture that effect. Rose and honeysuckle are the birth flowers for June, so you can certainly devise a pearly white bouquet from those options. Reflect the compassion of a Cancer with the lightness and levity of delphiniums.

July: Ruby



Send a beautiful jewel-toned, ruby red bouquet to match the ruby of July birthdays. A bouquet of red roses or a more playful arrangement of daisies both make for lovely options.

Larkspurs and water lilies are the official birth flowers of July, and if you have someone who loves things off the beaten path, a vase filled with water and a floating water lily might just be the perfect choice.

Leos are attention grabbers, so go with something loud and inviting like the aforementioned red roses or a perfect summer display of sunflowers. You can always combine the blooms with some red carnations or roses for an ideal July bouquet.

August: Peridot

Olive green peridot once again leaves room for some slightly more unusual choices, whether it’s merely green accents or an entire plant such a bamboo, a fern, or a succulent arrangement.

An overflowing garden basket with ferns and other plants will both capture the greenery of August peridot, while suggesting the bounty of the summertime. The poppy and gladiolus are the August birth flowers, so create an arrangement of these brightly colored high-summer blooms with plenty of greenery for August accents. Virgos are intellectual and serious so opt for something traditional like daisies to accommodate their more reserved nature.

September: Sapphire



For the lush jewel tones of a September sapphire birthday, opt for a bouquet that is just as eye-catching and blue. Hydrangeas and delphiniums are beautiful options.

Cornflowers and salvias are other beautiful blue options. Aster and morning glory are two blue blooms that also happen to be the official birth flowers of September, making for a doubly perfect September birthday bouquet.

In addition to their blue beauty, hydrangeas are a great selection for late September Libras because they reflect that sign’s thoughtfulness and sincerity, as well as indicate a clear sense of balance just like Libra’s scales symbol.

October: Opal or Tourmaline

The pearlescent, feminine sheen of an opal makes for a wide range of color options for a matching birthstone bouquet. Depending on light and cut, an opal can appear white, pink, or even a light shade of lavender. Opt for a bouquet that mixes all three shades to really capture the perfection opal look -- consider something that blends pink, purple, and white roses or if you want something more unique, like an opal, perhaps a bouquet of multi-colored orchids.

If you want to match tourmaline instead, go for all pink blooms like daisies, roses, or carnations. Calendulas or English marigolds are the official blooms of October, which don’t match a birthstone but are a cheery and bright alternative to the more muted tones that do. Indulge sensuous and passionate Scorpios with lush pink and white peonies for a zodiac and birthstone matching bouquet.

November: Topaz



The November birthstone of Topaz can range from pale yellow to dark amber, giving you a wide range of yellow and orange shades to create a bouquet with.

Pick traditionally yellow flowers such as daffodils or sunflowers for a bright and cheery topaz bouquet or you can go a little more intense with burnt orange roses, lilies, and daisies.

Chrysanthemums are the official November flower, and they come in eye-catching shades of yellow and orange to make for an ideal November bouquet. Capture the multidimensional personality of a Sagittarian with the most versatile flower of them all -- the carnation.

December: Turquoise

With December, it’s time for the lush blue shades of turquoise. Choose from a wide range of blue blooms, including hydrangea, delphinium, asters, and morning glories for a beautiful December bouquet.

Narcissus is one of the official December flowers, and if you pair its white and pale yellow shades with other blue blooms you could create a one-of-a-kind December bouquet. Holly is the other official bloom for December, which of course pairs well with the Christmas season -- if your loved one is touchy about her birthday falling close to Christmas, avoid this choice, but if she loves it, go for it.

There are so many options to choose from, no matter the birthstone! Give her extra special birthday flowers to reminder her how important she is to you.

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