Elegant Decorative Flowers for Easter Celebrations

flowers for Easter

Easter has always been observance of the renewal of life and vibrance after the long, cold winter. For many, it is the celebration of the return of flowers, greenery, warmth, and sunshine. Classical Greeks associated springtime with youth as well, and this has also carried over into today.

For Christians, it is the celebration of the death and Resurrection of Jesus. The entire religion is centered upon this event, and its significance has been marked with many symbols, including flowers. In fact, flowers were often used as a memory guide to help understand the teachings of Christianity.

However, Easter is so embedded into our culture that many people celebrate it for the bunnies, baskets, eggs, and especially the flowers. For the Easter celebrations in your life, this opens a lot of options for Easter flowers, decorations, and arrangements. If you are not sure what flowers to get for Easter, here are some elegant suggestions to help mark the season!

Traditional Easter Flowers

Some flowers are specifically associated with Easter. The most prominent of these is the Easter lily, which is said to have appeared beneath the cross after the Crucifixion. Lilies symbolize love, hope and innocence, and are symbols not only of Jesus but of the Virgin Mary. As a result, lilies are often either given as gifts or used to decorate for Easter. They can be in an arrangement, or potted, like Kremp’s Triple Easter Lily (which even comes with its own unique pot!).

Flowers of Springtime

The arrival of springtime brings new growth and blooms, and Easter gives us, and more significantly, nature, a chance to display them in celebration of the season. Daisies, tulips, and daffodils also have traditional meanings associated with youth, newness, and growth. Roses and carnations, while always popular and very versatile, also feature in many Easter arrangements, especially since the season and the flowers are also associated with courtship. Orchids add an air of exotic elegance as well.

flowers for Easter

Creative Centerpieces

Flowers, eggs, chicks and bunnies are all prominent themes this holiday and can be featured in your decorating, like this "nest" arrangement of spring flowers. Green and pastel colors are usually used around this time because of the regrowing leaves and the rainbow hues of flower petals. For Christians, Easter commemorates the Resurrection, so a lot of the decorating of more religious families will include important symbols of this holiday, most notably a cross to represent the Crucifixion, and one or more candles to represent the Resurrection (if you decorate with candles, please use caution when you light them near flowers!).

DIY Vases and Arrangements

For the creatively inclined, nothing can be more fun and express your values or style better than creating your own stuff. Just about any container that holds liquid can be turned into a vase, and even the most unexpected things can garnish a bouquet. This can be especially handy for people who can’t receive real flowers due to allergies or other health concerns, not to mention that it provides the ecology-minded with creative ways to reuse. Even if you buy an arrangement, there is always room for a personal touch.

Tasty Floral Treats

Some flowers are edible, but when they come with candy there is always something tasty in your basket! Since candy is such a cornerstone of Easter today, many arrangements, especially baskets, have assorted types of candy. Candy eggs might provide a bed for a bouquet of daisies, or candy bunnies might peak out of your basket of carnations. Make a sweet impression by having a giant chocolate bunny present your loved one with Kremp’s Easter Blooming Bulb Garden for a holiday memory that truly lives. The options are as limitless as your recipient’s taste and your imagination!

flowers for Easter

Whether you celebrate the holiday or simply the season, flowers will almost certainly be a part of your theme. With inspiration from the ideas above, you can give your Easter that elegant touch that only flowers can!

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