Should I Buy Flowers Online? How An Online Florist Can Help You


Visiting a florist can be an overwhelming experience; the flower choices are vast, and everywhere you look, there are more blooms and greenery.  However, in today’s mobile world, ordering can be done easily from the comfort of your home--just buy flowers online!

Ordering flowers from an online florist allows the experience to be one of leisure, as you can spend all the time you need to make a decision on that perfect blossoming gift. Buying in the store requires time, and many customers don’t often walk into the florist knowing exactly what they want or need. And sometimes the in-store experience may even require an appointment—especially for buyers wanting to create a custom arrangement.

For online buyers, everything is at their fingertips. From browsing the selection of stock arrangements to viewing individual flowers, creating the ultimate arrangement puts the power in the buyer’s hands.


Orchid Hurricane

Custom Arrangements

While there are hundreds of stock arrangements to browse, many online florists—including Kremp—allow buyers to create their own unique arrangements. Search for favorite flowers or a simple color hue to find the flowers that will create a lasting memory. Custom arrangements are perfect for special occasions, from wedding flowers to funeral flowers.

You can mix and match flowers how you wish and choose a vase or other container to add that picturesque sentiment. Or utilize the assistance of a floral designer to help you create that ideal arrangement.

Browse at Your Leisure

Sometimes, you just don’t what type of floral arrangement captures the right sentiment. With hundreds of pre-arranged floral designs, you can peruse the stock without feeling any pressure. Look for five minutes, or search all night…when you find the ideal blooms, you can order instantly. To make a the hunt less challenging, sort the arrangements by color, price or flower.

Beyond Flowers

While bricks and mortar stores may be limited in their gift selection, online shops offer a host of other items. When you’re shopping for flowers, you also may add in scented soaps, a stuffed animal, a collectible figurine or even jewelry! Create an amazing gift arrangement for a friend, relative or loved one by adding unique items and personalized mementos to your order.



Glass Flowers -- Sunflowers

Silk & Glass

Online florists also offer a wide selection of alternative flower choices—like silk or even glass arrangements. Some loved ones may have allergies—or just might not like real flowers. You can choose to send silk flowers or blown glass arrangements for an amazing alternative to fragrant flowers. Silk flowers often look so real that many recipients cannot tell the difference. The best part? These beautiful arrangements require little care and last a lifetime.

Delivery in a Snap

Ordering arrangements from online florists allows buyers to customize delivery time. Specify the date of delivery, and the team will take it from there. There are no hidden delivery fees or concerns about if your area is covered for delivery. Just order your perfect bouquet, schedule the date of delivery and check out.

Online florists often offer numerous benefits to buyers beyond the bricks and mortar competition. When ordering online, buyers can easily browse hundreds of pre-made arrangements and sort by price/color/flower to discover the perfect arrangement within their budget. There is no worry about scheduling an appointment or taking too much time. Online florists let buyers shop with ease from the comfort of home and even order custom arrangements and unique gifts to personalize their arrangements. And once the perfect arrangement has been purchased, delivery can be scheduled in a snap to ensure that birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions are honored on time and in full bloom.

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    The most helpful part of this article was what you said about taking your time to look at the arrangements. I have a lot of anxiety when I go into shops and I feel like people are watching me, so this would completely negate that problem. This is a huge benefit for me and I will be making sure to utilize this.

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