7 Romantic Flowers That Are Not Roses

Roses are beautiful, but perhaps you are tired of giving your sweetheart the same old thing all the time. The rose isn't the only romantic flower out there, as you will soon see. I have compiled a list of some very beautiful flowers other than roses that carry messages of romance. Give them a chance and watch your love's eyes light up with delight and surprise.


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In the language of flowers, red tulips proclaim perfect love. As with roses, different colors of the flower carry different messages. Unlike other flowers, tulips keep growing in water after they are cut instead of merely staying alive. The tulip is 11th wedding anniversary flower, with the black, heart shaped stigma in the center of the tulip representing a lover's heart darkened by passion.


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Carnations have been known of and used for a long time; the Greeks made garlands out of them, and the Latin genus name of the flower, Dianthus, means "flower of the Gods". Historically in some countries, carnations were used to flavor beer and wine. Carnations mean fascination, which make them a perfect flower for young lovers. These flowers occur in a wide range of colors naturally and can be dyed almost any color, each color with a different meaning; additionally, they make a hardy cut flower lasting up to three weeks.


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There are over 25,000 different kinds of orchids, with different forms and colors but all are sure to please. Some are very unique, with flowers that look like bees, monkey faces, or even humans, while others are quite useful, such as the orchid that produces vanilla beans. The orchid has multiple meanings of love, beauty, seduction, and refinement-all of these messages in one flower! This exotic flower is perfect for all couples.


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Tell your special someone that he or she is beautiful with a bouquet of lilies. I recommend the stunning 'Star Gazer' oriental lily, which is a deep fuchsia with black spots, edged in white. Of course, there are many lilies to choose from-calla lilies are also quite elegant and beautiful, and although they are not true lilies they carry the meaning of magnificent beauty. Lilies come in all shades except for blue and black.


Photo by: Kyle Rush (Flickr)

Remind your darling of summer with a cheerful arrangement of sunflowers. These sweet flowers mean loyalty in the language of flowers. You may be thinking that sunflowers are too large for a bouquet, but there are many dwarf species that look spectacular in cut arrangements. The Russians loved this flower so much that they made it their national flower, although it is actually native to the United States.


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The daisy symbolizes purity, loyalty, love, and innocence. The daisy that first comes to your mind is probably the white-petaled variety with the yellow center, but Gerbera daisies come in a cheery rainbow of shades if you are looking for something more colorful. The disc of the daisy is actually composed of many tiny flowers-so when you give even a single daisy, it's like giving an entire bouquet and then some!


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Irises are reminiscent of spring, and like spring they send a message of hope. The three iris petals are supposed to represent wisdom, valor, and faith; additionally, the iris root (orris root) is said to have magical powers, like the power to attract a new lover. These beautiful flowers are often featured in paintings, and I'm sure your significant other will agree they are a work of art when receiving them.

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