• 20 Unique Gifts for Less than $20.00

    Christmas is right around the corner. If you have finished all of your Holiday shopping, congratulations! You are brilliant! If you haven't, don't worry! We feel you! We decided to give all the procrastinators and forgetters, the people who constantly say to his or herself- "What am I supposed to get for my distant cousin Marie?" or "How am I supposed to find a gift within this pollyanna's price range?" Well worry no more, confused Christmas shoppers! We have developed a perfect little guide that will cross those last minute people right off your Christmas List!

    Here are 20 unique gifts that are each less than $20.00! (Yes, it's possible).

    1. Holiday Air Plant Wreath Ornament ($12.99) IMG_3617Our Holiday Air Plant Wreath Ornament is something brand new this year that incorporates a REAL air plant in the center of a miniature grapevine wreath.This stylish and festive wreath will add life to your Christmas tree, rearview mirror or desk at work.  The wreath includes a vibrant red and gold bow at the base with matching ribbon at the top to make it easy to hang where ever you think is best! This super cute gift is something that is perfect for those people who want something fresh, natural, and unique! Available in store or online: For your Christmas ornament hoarders!
    2. Pro Flat Iron ($19.99) Everyone enjoys frizz free straight hairs especially in winter. A good flat iron not only helps you straighten your hair but can also be used to dry and style your hair. There are lot of best flat iron in 2019 are available in cheap price starting from $20 or less, that can be used to straight hair, make them frizz free using negative ions, can also be used to give volume and curls to hair easily without making hair structure dry and damage.
    3. The Naked Bee Variety Pack ($14.99)  Everyone enjoys good hair and skin care! Our Naked Bee Variety Pack allows you to do just that providing you with Shampoo & Conditioner in one, Hand & Body Lotion, and Body Wash in the gorgeous fragrance of Orange Blossom Honey. The Naked Bee Bath & Body Set allows you to wash the day away with a gentle-cleanse and rejuvenating moisture to have you feeling clean, fresh, and positive. The Naked Bee products are Ph-balanced, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic! Available in store only: For your self-care activist!
    4. Milkhouse Candles ($19.99) Ds73c6FU4AAlw6CWhether the individual you are gifting for has allergies, sensitive to fragrances or aromas, or just cares about the toxins he or she breathes in- Milkhouse Candles are the PERFECT choice! Milkhouse burns cleaner, lasts longer, while filling your entire house with an unbelievable fragrance! Eliminating all unnatural dyes and using only lead-free cotton wicks creating a candle that is not harmful but also trustworthy. An original soy wax is infused with pure beeswax, the negative-ion-release actually rids the air of dust and germs, making the air in your home healthier to breathe! Available in store or online: For your candle lovers!
    5. Katie Loxton Jewelry ($19.99)  Looking for something meaningful, super cute and can be worn?! Katie Loxton jewelry is the way-to-go for you then! Our wide selection of sterling silver bracelets target the perfect person you are gifting for. From a fabulous friend, sister, grand mother, etc. or maybe someone who has a heart of gold. You will be able to find the perfect bracelet for the chicks in your life! Meaningful, sentimental, and adorable? Perfect go-to gift! Available in store only: For the gals!
    6. Build Your Own Bath Bomb Gift Set ($19.99)  The greatest gift? A way to relax and rejuvenate after the holiday season! Everyone can relate from stress during this time, whether it is last minute shopping, work, traveling, or maybe just life! Everyone can benefit from a decompressing soak to ease the body and mind. Drop one of our beautifully smelling globes into your tub and let the amazing fragrances, lush softness, and alone time give you the spa treatment, you needed in your life but for less than $20! Available in store or online: For your friends in need of relaxation!
    7. Traditional Poinsettia ($5.99, $9.99, $19.99)  Beautiful PoinsettiaSome people might challenge a poinsettia being as iconic as your standard Christmas tree! So what better than playing it safe with a Christmas favorite- poinsettias! Coming in a variety colors and sizes, poinsettias have the ability to bring life and holiday spirit into any room. Our unique single poinsettia is definitely an interesting choice and maintains the appearance, as some might say, as a mini poinsettia tree. Each poinsettia is individually picked and packed to bring joy to every room! Available for $5.99- $19.99 in store only: For your Christmas fanatics!
    8. Cocktail Kit: Old Fashioned/ Dirty Martini ($14.99) For the drink lovers in your life! This travel-friendly kit has everything you need to make the perfect Old Fashioned or Dirty Martini. The Dirty Martini kit includes olives, brine, orange bitters and unique cocktail pick. The Old Fashioned includes aromatic bitters, premium sugar cubes and combination muddler/wooden spoon. All thats missing is the booze! This is a great gift for that person who is always the on-the-go and the life of the party! Available in store or online: For your party friend!
    9. Dot & Lil: Flower Bath Milk ($12.99), Milk Lait ($19.99), or Bath Salts ($19.99) DstaRUGU8AAZICqDot & Lil are beautiful products that can be used throughout the year to bring relaxation and luxurious soak. Whether you are going to go with the Flower Bath Milk, Milk Lait or Bath Salts- or maybe a combination? Someone will be thanking you for blessing them with the undeniably beautiful aroma and relaxation he or she will encounter. Coming in a variety of spectacular fragrances, they are also the perfect stocking stuffers! Available in store only: For your aroma enjoyer!
    10. NapaGrape Oil & Vinegar Cruet ($14.99) Sometimes when gifting, you desire to choose an item that is going to be useful as well as pleasing to the eye. The Napa Grape Oil & Vinegar Cruet is the perfect decision for you, then. The Napa Grape is the perfect addition to any kitchen! This cruet will serve oil and vinegar from the same bottle- bringing a convenient, stylish and effective presence into any cooking space. Who ever said oil and vinegar don't mix?! Available in store or online: For your cook-savvy friend!
    11. Stylish Drink Ornament ($12.99) Ds8UKfxU8AAq0vNOur Stylish Drink Ornaments are unique and fun Christmas Tree Ornaments that is perfect for any drink-lover! Inside the ornament is a very realistic liquid that flows as you move the ornament. It is unique, vibrant, and extravagant- just like the individual who would love this ornament! To make this adorable ornament even more fun the stylish appearance?! This is not just an ornament but, also includes a real-life recipe of a Holiday drink for Prosecco, Martini or Margarita lovers. Available in store or online: For your drink lovers!
    12. Duke Cannon Soap ($9.99)  So throughout this blog post, we have or will have covered soaps, candles, stylish drink ornaments, bath bombs, etc. Many of you may be thinking, where is the "Man's Man" gift! You have landed on the perfect number then! Duke Cannon Soap! If you've heard of it than you are aware of the amazing smelling, men's body soap! If you haven't, we may have just introduced you to your or the man's, in your life, new obsession! Duke Cannon Soap is designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good without using feminine shower gels and accessories! It is probably a no-brainer, of who would enjoy this gift on your list! Available in stores only: For the dudes!
    13. Air Plant ($12.99 and up)  Gifting one of our air plants is definitely something unique that will be a lasting gift! Air plants have the ability to bring style, freshness, and beauty to any home or office making this the perfect gift for many! This plant is a favorite because of its stylish, unique appearance but what makes them even better? They are one of the EASIEST plants to care for! Kept in doors or outdoors (in weather permitting conditions), they are only soaked in water or spritzed with water using a spray bottle once or twice a week! We have a variety from hanging air plants, in a shell, on a Cyprus stump, and even in a fancy, tear- drop globe (all for under $20- yay) so you will be sure to find the one that is for you! Available in store or online: For your individualist!
    14. Cactus ($7.99 and up) One of the most popular plants to give as gifts and loved throughout the entire year is the simple, beautiful cactus. A cactus is a perfect way to display uniqueness, originality, and personality in an adorable plant! A cactus is very easy to care for, long-lasting, and vary in size, coloring, and shape! Imagine placing your adorable cactus in your room, on your kitchen counter, or on your office desk: this little guy is sure to bring a smile! Available in store only for $7.99 and up: For your unique friend!
    15. Select Willow Tree Figurines ($14.99- $19.99)  When gifting, it is difficult to find a gift that is equally affordable as it is meaningful. Our popular Willow Tree figurines satisfies both! This unique figurines is the perfect way to send a beautiful message that will leave a lasting impression and memory to anyone who receives! Gifting to a teacher? Our Willow Tree Figurine called Love of Learning will be perfect! Gifting to a cat or dog lover? Our Willow Tree Figurines Love my Cat or Love my Dog will be sure to bring a smile! Maybe your gifting for someone who is hosting Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day dinner? Our Willow Tree Figurine Angel of the Kitchen is a great choice! No matter who you are gifting for- a Willow Tree Figurine is always a great choice! Available in store or online: For your meaningful friend!
    16. 6" Cyclamen ($15.99) A great, long-lasting gift choice! Cyclamens are a unique little plant that will bring fresh, natural beauty into any living or office space. Since cyclamens thrive and bloom in cooler weather climates, they are a great selection for winter season gifting! Its vibrant coloring combination paired with the beautiful fullness is appealing to the eye and a great house plant! Available for $15.99 in stores only: For your green thumb friends!
    17. Tea Drops Gift Box ($19.99) Whether that special someone you are gifting for is a tea lover or maybe just a caffeine addict, our tea drops is the perfect, unique gift that he or she will enjoy for days to come! Coming in delicious flavors such as Sweet Peppermint, Match Green, Citrus Ginger, & Rose Earl Gray - each will be sure to send your taste buds on a beautiful, calming vacation! Each gift box comes with 8 tea drops, ready to be enjoyed! Available in store or online: For your caffeine drinkers!
    18. Daniel Designs: Small Talk Signs ($9.99- $13.99) Gifting for a whole household? Someone who just recently moved? Maybe just want your gift to say something specific!? Daniel Designs' Small Talk Signs says exactly what you would like that can be kept forever! Crafted out of wood and painted in the USA, these signs look amazing hung on any wall or placed on any table top, counter, or dresser! Individually and uniquely designed, each saying has a way with words to truly wow that special person in your life! Available in store only: For your decor experts!
    19. Holiday Nutcracker ($19.99) Whether you are gifting for a family member, friend, or co-worker- everyone can benefit from a traditional, Christmas favorite! Our Holiday Nutcracker is the perfect addition to any holiday decor and brings holiday spirit with any placement. Standing 15" tall and arriving boxed and ready, this is a simple, stress-free gift choice that can be used for Christmases to come! Available in store or online: For your traditionalist!
    20. Swirl Shatterproof Wine & Cocktail Tumblers ($6.99)  Cheers! Everyone loves a good gift they can share! Our Swirl Shatterproof Wine & Cocktail Tumblers are the perfect gift for the partier, for that special someone who enjoys hanging by the pool, or - honestly - the klutz of the family, friend group or office! They are the perfect light-weight, shatterproof, and reusable glasses to enjoy your wine or cocktail without the stress of dropping it! Holding 16 oz in each glass, cheers to you for choosing the perfect gift! Available in store only: For your friend who always need a drink in hand!
    21. Gianna Rose Tresors du Jardin Gardenia Soap ($12.99) There is nothing better than receiving a good smelling, unique soap! The Gardenia Soap is beautifully designed in appearance as well as its unbelievable aroma. French-milled, made in the USA, it is the perfect gift for someone who loves gardenias or maybe someone who just appreciates an intricately designed soap. Available in store or online: For your soap enthusiast!

    Well there you have it! For all of you who are balling on a budget or needing that gift idea that you haven't thought of- you are finally ready for Christmas! Now, relax and enjoy the holidays! You won't have to worry about buying any more gifts... until next year!

    We hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

  • The 5 personality traits for the perfect arrangement

    Did you ever wonder why some people love one flower arrangement, while others prefer a different one? Here are the 5 personality traits that can help you pick or design the perfect arrangement--

    Many years ago, the floral industry did research to determine the different personality traits that define consumers style purchases.  It was determined that we all fall into one of these categories-

    • Exotic
    • Dramatic
    • Natural/Outdoorsy
    • Romantic
    • Traditional

    We here at Kremp’s feel it is important to have selections to meet each of these desires.  None are exclusive of age, gender, geographic local or economic status.  In fact floral gifts can be made in each category for any price, any color and any size for any occasion.  Some examples of how these differ are the following:

    exotic personality trait Choose this arrangement for someone with exotic tastes!

    1. Exotic Most times these are bold colors, reds, yellows, oranges, purples and blues, with tropical flowers.  Anthurium, Birds of Paradise, Dendrobium orchids, Protea and “jungle like” foliage

    Dramatic arrangement of orchids for dramatic personality Arrangement of orchids for the person who loves the dramatic.

    2. Dramatic These arrangements are the ones that would conjure up feelings of a high style elegant party; bold lines, monochromatic colors such as all white, arrangements that focus your eye on individual “Dramatic” flowers such as Gardenias or Cymbidium orchids

    Sunflowers and daisies are perfect for the outdoor personality Casual and fun-- daisies and sunflowers!





    3. Natural/Outdoorsy This is somewhat self-explanatory; grasses, Sunflowers, Daisies, Snapdragons all arranged in an informal design

    romantic arrangement personality trait Nothing says romance like red roses!



    4. Romantic

    Although the most obvious choice here is Roses and there are so many great colors that can be used in addition to red, tulips convey this same feeling as will assorted flowers in soft shades of pink and lavender.

    Traditional personality Arrangement for Traditional mixed seasonal flowers in vase







    5. Traditional

    Here we have the category that covers most occasions and most people.  These are the arrangements that are designed with an assortment of seasonal flowers, usually in a round bouquet; red and white at Christmas time, yellow and orange for the fall and Thanksgiving, bright daffodils, iris and tulips in the spring and any number of varieties in the summer.

    As you scroll through our website you will see many options in each category.  Different occasions can warrant different designs.  If you are not certain as to the style preference of the recipient of your gift, feel certain that anything you select will make anyone “feel special”

  • 6 Incredible Flowers that Look Like Animals

    Although most of us think of orchids as exotic and rare, the orchid family is one of the largest families of flowers, with between 21,000 and 26,000 species. When you think of orchids, chances are good that you think of the elegant moth orchids or cattleya orchids sold in grocery stores; however, these are only two species out of thousands. It is time to expand your horizons and learn about some of the more unusual orchids. I have compiled photos and information on six fascinating orchids that look like animals-believe it or not, they are real!

    Bee Orchid, Ophrys apifera

    Bee Orchid Bee Orchid

    [Photo by Bj?rn S... (Flickr)]

    I probably don't need to explain to you how this flower got its name, but I will anyway. The bee orchid resembles a female Eucera bee looking for nectar on a pink flower. The flower had a purpose for this mimicry: Males are attracted to this decoy female, and in the process of trying to mate with it, they are covered in pollen, which they then carry to the next orchid, thereby pollinating it. The plant also produces a scent that attracts the bees. The bee orchid is native to Europe and even North Africa and the Middle East.

    Monkey Face Orchid, Dracula simian

    Monkey Face Orchid Monkey Face Orchid

    [Photo by Dick Culbert (Flickr)]

    When I saw this orchid, I wasn't sure whether I should pick it or pet it! This cute and rare little flower is native to the cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru, and not many people are lucky enough to ever see it growing in its native habitat. As if it weren't enough that the flowers look like adorable monkey faces, the flowers also smell like oranges. Unfortunately, growing this flower at home is difficult unless you have a cool greenhouse that mimics the conditions of cloud forests.

    Dove Orchid, Peristeria elata

    Dove Orchid Dove Orchid

    [Photo by Malcolm Manners (Flickr)]

    If you look closely at the center of the dove orchid, you will see where it gets its name; a dove, complete with yellow beak and wings, seems to be hidden within the flower. This fragrant flower is an epiphyte native to Central America, and it is the national flower of Panama. The dove orchid is endangered in the wild, but it has been successfully grown in nurseries, and you can even buy one, although it does need more care than your average houseplant.

    Flying Duck Orchid, Caleana major

    Flying Duck Orchid Flying Duck Orchid

    [Photo by Doug (Flickr)]

    I love this little flower just because it is so unique! The small maroon flower honestly looks like a duck in flight with its wings stretched out behind it. The flying duck orchid is native to eastern and southern Australia. What looks like a flying duck to us actually looks like a female sawfly to male sawflies. They try to mate with the flower, but alas, it is a ruse! The beak portion of the orchid is actually a trap that is triggered when the insect lands on it. The sawfly can't get out without pollinating the flower and picking up more pollen. The flying duck orchid has a symbiotic relationship with a type of fungus that helps it to survive; unfortunately, this means that it can't be successfully grown in the home.

    White Egret Orchid, Habenaria radiata

    Heron Orchid Heron Orchid

    [Photo by VanLap Hog (Flickr)]

    This flower resembles a white egret showing off its fantastic plumage, as you can plainly see. The white egret orchid grows wild in Japan, Korea, and parts of China, but it is in danger of extinction, mostly due to habitat destruction. I found it interesting to learn that in Japan, both real white egrets and white egret orchids live in the same wetland habitat! These orchids can be bought and grown in similar conditions to a bog orchid or pitcher plant.

    Fly Orchid, Ophrys insectifera

    Fly Orchid Fly Orchid

    [Photo by: Bj?rn S... (Flickr)]

    Like the bee orchid, the fly orchid is native to Europe and also Russia, though its numbers are declining. The fuzzy brown flowers may not be the prettiest orchids to our human eyes, but to the male wasp of the Argogorytes genus, nothing is more beautiful, as the flower looks and smells like a female of its species. As the wasp attempts to mate with the decoy female, it is covered in pollen, which it will carry to the next fly orchid it visits. This orchid is another one that lives in a symbiotic relationship with fungi.

  • 7 Romantic Flowers That Are Not Roses

    Roses are beautiful, but perhaps you are tired of giving your sweetheart the same old thing all the time. The rose isn't the only romantic flower out there, as you will soon see. I have compiled a list of some very beautiful flowers other than roses that carry messages of romance. Give them a chance and watch your love's eyes light up with delight and surprise.


    Photo by: Tri-X Pan (Flickr)

    In the language of flowers, red tulips proclaim perfect love. As with roses, different colors of the flower carry different messages. Unlike other flowers, tulips keep growing in water after they are cut instead of merely staying alive. The tulip is 11th wedding anniversary flower, with the black, heart shaped stigma in the center of the tulip representing a lover's heart darkened by passion.

    Continue reading

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