Fun Flower Crafts: What to Do With Pressed Flowers

what to do with pressed flowers

How can you remember the beautiful blooming flowers that you came across this summer? Photos only capture a fraction of the beauty of Mother Nature, so instead of taking photos, preserve your favorite flowers by pressing them. Then, you can incorporate them into fun arts and crafts projects. Here’s what to do with pressed flowers so you can hold onto them forever:

what to do with pressed flowers

Photo by Clare McGibbon,

Phone Case

Carry your favorite pressed flowers with you wherever you go by using them to create a unique phone case. All you will need for this project is a plain white iPhone case and a few other supplies that you can pick up at a local crafts store. Then, choose which pressed flowers you want on the back of your case. You don’t have to cover every inch of the white case with flowers, so don’t feel the need to cram as many flowers as possible onto the case. Stick with one type of flower to create a bold, textured case, or use an assortment of different flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colors for a more eclectic look.

what to do with pressed flowers

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Wear pressed flowers around your neck by making your own necklace. Finding the right pressed flower to use for this project is important. It’s best to choose a smaller flower with a bold color so it will stand out from afar. If you only have light colored pressed flowers, consider dying the resin before placing the pressed flower inside to create a better contrast between the resin and the flower. Don’t try to use multiple flowers within the same necklace or both flowers may end up looking squished inside the necklace.

what to do with pressed flowers

Photo by Marianne Koo,


Even if you don’t have a need for them in your own home, these coasters with pressed flowers make a great gift for your loved ones. If you’re planning on making these for someone else, incorporate some of her favorite flowers into the design so she knows that you put a lot of thought into the gift. Each coaster doesn’t have to be exactly the same—in fact, it actually looks better when they’re all slightly different—but they should still be cohesive. Stick to the same color scheme or choose one type of flower that will be used in every coaster and switch up the rest.

what to do with pressed flowers

Photo by Rachel Beyer,


Flowers will not smell as strongly once they have been pressed. However, you can still remember their sweet smell by incorporating pressed flowers into a scented candle. Choose the flowers that you use for this project carefully based on the size of the jar. If you choose a tall, narrow jar, look for longer stemmed flowers that will fill up the space more appropriately. Creating a candle is actually much simpler than it may seem, however it’s important to remember that the wax is unscented. If you want it to smell like your favorite flowers, you must add your own scent using an essential oil of your choice.

By tackling some of these projects, you can hold onto your favorite flowers and the summer memories they carry all year long!

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