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  • 15 Prom Corsages and Boutonnieres Inspired by the Movies


    It’s prom season, which means it’s time for teens to don the dresses and tuxes of their dreams, gift each other corsages and boutonnieres, and dance the night away.

    Prom scenes are an iconic part of teen flicks like Pretty in Pink, Mean Girls, and 10 Things I Hate About You (and even Carrie, but we doubt you want inspiration from that particular prom...). If you or your teenager is a big cinema buff, they may want a corsage or boutonniere inspired by their favorite movie (whether or not it has a prom scene). So, if you want a prom that’s fit for the movies, check out these 15 designs inspired by classics films and prom scenes alike.

    1. Mean Girls (2004)

    Mean Girls is an iconic representation of cliques, high school drama, and yes, the prom. While Regina George has to wear headgear to her prom after a traffic accident and Cady shows up in her Mathletes uniform, the prom is still a night to remember and an excellent conclusion to an all-around great movie.

    Pink is the perfect Mean Girl color (to be worn on Wednesdays and really, all days), so pay tribute to this great examination of teen girlhood with a hot pink corsage that bursts will all the color and vibrancy of the movie. You can go classic with roses or if you want something that’s not  just a regular corsage, shake up the design with more offbeat flower choices like orchids.

    2. Pretty in Pink (1986)

    Pretty in Pink is one of the ultimate prom movies as the entire film builds to the climax of whether Andie will go to prom with her sweet, yet dorky best friend or the rich, sensitive boy of her schoolgirl crush dreams. Match Andie’s iconic pale pink prom dress with a pale pink classic corsage or shake things up with this clutch bouquet, literally called “Pretty in Pink.”


    3. She’s All That (1999)

    The entire plot of this movie is about two people working to get themselves elected prom queen and king so you really can’t go wrong here. Match Rachel Leigh Cook’s gorgeous red dress from the film with a corsage and matching boutonniere of red roses with some black ribbon accents to suggest the offbeat nature of her character pre-makeover sequence.

    4. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

    We adore this Shakespeare-inspired teen rom-com that showcases the talents of Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. Stiles is Katarina, a high school girl who is anti-high school boy until bad boy Patrick (Ledger) tries to win her over for a bet. Match her royal blue dress and her originality with this one-of-a-kind hydrangea and calla lily corsage.

    5. Twilight (2008)

    If you have a teen who loves Twilight, help them live the prom night of their vampiric romantic dreams with a corsage and boutonniere that would pair perfectly with Bella’s midnight blue prom dress from the first movie. The blue and white combo are also a perfect pairing for the foggy grey tones of Forks, Washington where the film takes place (and evoke a little of Edward’s signature sparkle).

    6. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

    Sure it’s not a prom movie, but it still holds a special place in movie lovers’ hearts. Go over the rainbow with this multi-colored corsage that has a strong hint of the yellow brick road and Dorothy’s gingham blue dress to it or you can pay tribute to a key scene in the film with a corsage or boutonniere made of poppies.


    7. Cinderella (2015)

    Before there was prom night, there was the prince’s ball. Feel like a princess on prom night with a corsage that evokes all the sparkle and glamour of Cinderella’s ball gown and her iconic glass slippers (throw in some rhinestone sparkles for good measure). This delphinium and rose corsage evokes the blue of Cinderella’s ball gown, as well as a degree of elegance and charm fit for a Disney princess.

    8. Footloose (1984)

    This “Breathless” corsage reminds us of Kevin Bacon’s iconic red tux jacket from the end of Footloose. With this design on your arm, you’ll be ready to defy any anti-dancing sentiments and cut footloose.

    9. Never Been Kissed (1999)

    Josie (Drew Barrymore) gets a do-over on her prom when she returns to high school as a 25-year-old to write about teenagers as an undercover reporter. Match Josie’s original terrible pink dress in combination with her more sophisticated taste (she is a twenty-something after all) with this unique pink lily corsage.


    10. High School Musical 3 (2008)

    Troy and all his besties in the high school drama club are finally graduating, which means only one thing -- prom! If you want to get your head in the prom game and be soaring, flying, with your prom night floral accents, go for this blue and white orchid and rose boutonniere that would be a perfect complement to Zac Efron’s pale blue tux in the film or go for the Wildcat colors or red and white with this matching corsage and boutonniere combo.

    11. Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    Ok, so Belle doesn’t go to prom, but she does get to wear an amazing dress and dance with the Beast, which is the next best thing. Evoke the central rose at the heart of the film with a single red rose boutonniere or match Belle’s iconic yellow gown with a yellow corsage of your own.


    12. Back to the Future (1985)

    Marty McFly has the ultimate 1950s prom night when he has to work overtime to bring his high school aged parents back together and provide the music entertainment. This “Enchantment” corsage is the perfect Back to the Future complement on multiple levels -- the pale pinks and purples match the pink tones of Lorraine’s (Lea Thompson) polka dot prom dress; the elegance and classic design of the roses are very 1950s where this prom takes place; and the name “Enchantment” is a callback to the Back to the Future prom’s “Enchantment Under the Sea” theme.

    13. Grease (1978)

    Odds are you’ll never be as good a dancer as Danny Zuko, but you can at least rock your high school dance like a Greaser or a Pink Lady. This Blush Beauty Corsage is the perfect choice for all the Sandy’s out there -- it’s pale pink and lavender shades hint at her association with the pink ladies, while also suggesting her innocence (and her heavily pastel and white wardrobe). The pink of this boutonniere matches the pink of Danny Zuko’s shirt that he wears to the gym, and the use of lilies reflects his non-conforming nature.

    14. Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

    Napoleon gets stood up by his date and spends prom with his best friend Pedro and Deb, while slow dancing to “Time After Time.” Deb wears yet another pink dress, which this corsage pairs with well, but most importantly, the use of cymbidium orchids make this corsage truly unique. Just like Napoleon Dynamite himself who truly marches to the beat of his own drum.

    15. Pretty Woman (1990)

    Julia Roberts had her own Cinderella moment when she wore an iconic red ball gown as Vivian in Pretty Woman, and it’s the stuff prom night dreams are made of. Want to capture the total glamour and romance of Vivian and this movie? Opt for this feathered rose corsage -- the rich red roses evoke her red dress, while the feathers and sparkle accents add an extra hint of glamour and playfulness.


    No matter the movie, you can find a corsage or boutonniere that evokes your favorite film -- whether it’s matching a beautiful gown or harnessing the feeling of the magic of the movies.

  • All About The April Birth Flower: Daisies


    It’s April, and that means it’s time to celebrate daisies, the April birth flower! Daisies are used in a myriad of arrangements, from weddings to funerals to romantic bouquets and prom night corsages. In the Victorian Language of Flowers, they had meanings tied to innocence and true love. Games, garlands, and gala all accompany the daisy through history and into the modern era.

    We might think we know this common and popular flower, but even an innocent daisy holds secrets that a lot of people may find surprising. Read on and learn all about April’s flower, the daisy!

    Daisies Grow Best in Summer

    It’s kind of funny that April is daisy month, because daisies actually grow best in summer. In some places, they are called by the nickname “thunderflower” because in most locales, the summer months bring these exciting storms, and the daisies have a front-row seat to nature’s best fireworks.

    Daisies bloom yearly from a plant that spreads out on the ground using a sideways stem called a rhizome, rather than growing upward like a rosebush. The best time to plant them, as a result, is either as seeds in late autumn before the first winter frost, or as clippings in late spring.

    10% of the World’s Growing Flowers Are Daisies

    There are so many types of daisies, which are in the family Compositae (also called Astericae) and grow almost everywhere. As a result, a high percentage of flowering plants are in the daisy family. There are over 4,000 different types of daisy, including gerbera, common, white button, Zulu princess, and African daisy. In fact, sunflowers are also a part of this family! Daisies are also not picky about their locale and can grow in sun, shade, or parts of both. The only continent on the planet that doesn’t have daisies is Antarctica.


    The Day’s Eye

    Daisies’ name comes from the old English daes eag, which means “day’s eye.” This is because daisies open at sunrise and close right around sunset. Reaching out to daylight as they do, daisies became associated with the sun in much the same way as their cousin, the sunflower. The girl’s name Daisy also originated from this source, as does the girl’s name Margaret, which is derived from the French word for the flower, Marguerite. In fact, to this day, a Marguerite is a type of daisy.

    Two Flowers for the Price of One

    What looks like one flower to us is actually two separate flowers growing together! The central disk floret is often yellow in color, and is just one of the two flowers. Growing around the disk floret are the ray florets, the white petals we all know and love.

    These two parts are actually two separate flowers that grow in tandem to become one beautiful bloom! However, the ray florets come in many colors, including orange, red, yellow and purple. While the colors each symbolize a different aspect and use for daisies, the quality of being two flowers to make a distinctive whole associates daisies with true love, harmony and loyalty.

    Daisies are Ingestible

    Humans can eat daisies! The leaves and petals are sometimes used in salads and are very nutritious, being high in Vitamin C. They have other healing properties, too, helping remove dark spots on the skin such as bruises, pain-killing properties, and medicinal purposes, such as sore throats and indigestion. Herbalists have used the extracts, leaves, petals, and poultices since the time of the Egyptians.


    English Daisies Are Weeds

    Not all daisies are desired. Some varieties of daisy, such as the English daisy, are considered weeds. They grow on people’s lawns all over North America and are very difficult to get rid of. This is because daisies can grow just about anywhere and have a resistance to many predators and pesticides. They grow so prolifically because their structure allows them to nourish themselves easily. This makes them a great pick for beginning gardeners, but also makes them hard to get rid of if you don’t want them around.

    Daisies Are Related to Ragweed

    Watch out for allergies when it comes to daisies! They are related to ragweed and goldenrod, both of which tend to set off the sinuses of those allergic to pollen. In fact, the entire Astericae family, which also includes asters, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers, is known for stimulating allergic reactions. This can affect both your garden, and all your flower arrangements. Even though daisies are the birth flower for the month of April, you wouldn’t want to give a bouquet containing them to someone who is allergic!

    Traditional Meanings

    Daisies are often associated with children, innocence, and purity. In Christianity, this has linked them with the Virgin Mary, and elsewhere, this has made them a popular flower to celebrate births and school children’s events such as proms, recitals, and communions. Because they are a combination of two flowers growing together as one, they tend to also represent harmony, loyalty and true love. In fact, daisies are famous for the “he/she loves me/loves me not” game, in which people divine whether their love interest returns the feelings by pulling the ray florets off. Since daisies grow in different colors, each color also symbolizes something different. Yellow daisies, for example, are linked with friendship while white daisies represent humility.


    Bee Attractive

    Daisies are of huge assistance to keep the bee population strong. Bees love to pollinate daisies because the disk floret is loaded with all kinds of yummy nectar and the shape of the two florets together is very welcoming to our honey-making friends. This goes both ways, too--while the bee is gathering the nectar, it is rolling around in lots of pollen, which is then spread to the female part of the plant, or carried to other plants. This helps daisy seeds form and spreads the plant. The bees then take that nectar back to the hive, where it is used to make honey that is then harvested into a sweet treat for humans!

    Daisy Gifts

    Since they are so easy to grow and thrive just about anywhere, daisies make great gifts! They are great in bouquets for those April birthdays,especially since they come in a variety of colors that can compliment or be enhanced by many other flowers. For the green thumbs in your life, daisies grow easily, even indoors, and are great for beginners because they are so easy to care for!


    Daisies are also a popular flower to include in get well soon bouquets, and their symbolism of innocence make them ideal for arrangements celebrating a new baby. Gerbera daisies come in a variety of colors and are sometimes used on corsages for proms and other school events. Even an imitation daisy can brighten someone’s day, so don’t leave out your loved ones that suffer from allergies: artificial daisies are available, too!

    Daisies have a lot to offer, from pretty decor to soothing tea to flavorful honey. Their widespread growth and frequent use makes it hardly any wonder they are so popular. With all of the different ways daisies can brighten your life, you are sure to find a use for them in your garden, home, or as a gift to a loved one this April!

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