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  • The Most Romantic Flowers To Celebrate The New Year

    romantic flowers

    New Year’s Eve is always an exciting holiday to celebrate, filled with fun parties, bubbly champagne, and a sense of excitement for the year to come. Whether you’re celebrating by doing something fancy with a group of friends or if you’re spending an intimate night with your significant other, one thing to enhance your celebration is a vibrant arrangement of romantic flowers.

    In honor of the upcoming new year, we’re dedicating today’s post to deciphering which flowers make the best romantic bouquets to gift to a loved one as you ring in the new year and which to highlight in a special centerpiece to liven up any party.

    Romantic New Year’s Bouquets

    Celebrating a great year behind you and an exciting year full of promise ahead of you with a loved one is no small feat, and it should be done with style and a sense of adoration! The first flower that, of course, is highly romantic is a simple yet elegant rose. You can never go wrong with this floral staple, and for this holiday, we recommend pairing a mix of white and red roses (great colors for the season!) with lush greenery for something your significant other will truly treasure. Red roses are known to be a symbol of a lover’s flower as white roses signify humility and innocence - which is a perfect way to go into a new calendar year.

    Another romantic flower to feature in a NYE bouquet is the white chrysanthemum, which have a meaning particularly pertinent to the start of a new year. These flowers are said to symbolize optimism and joy, their petals standing for truth and loyal love. For this holiday, though, avoid the yellow version of these flowers, as that represents slighted love.

    romantic flowers

    Purple Paradise Bouquet

    The final recommendation we have to fill your NYE bouquet with is a white dittany. This floral variety holds the meaning of love, frequently gifted to someone as a symbol of their passion. The white color is great for the holiday, and paired with a bold color like red, purple, or yellow, this flower is sure to make a loved one smile their way into 2018.

    Flowers Fit for NYE Centerpieces

    Want some flowers that are perfectly suited to adorn a sparkly and seductive NYE centerpiece for your stellar party (or to bring to a friend’s party as the ultimate hostess gift!)?

    A centerpiece that includes white lilacs makes for the perfect NYE arrangement. Not only is this flower fragrant and beautiful to behold, but its color represents youthful innocence and purity, which provides a great outlook for the near year to come.

    romantic flowers

    White Lily Centerpiece

    To add a pop of color to your centerpiece, consider adding in gillyflowers. Their purplish hue will add an element of fun to your party, while their significance is a great one to incorporate into a New Year’s Eve celebration. These flowers are a symbol of a happy life as well as one that represent one being content with his or her existence. As an added bonus, this flower has a sweet and heavy scent for all of your guests to enjoy.

    The final flower we recommend as part of your centerpiece is a yellow acacia. This bright, happy, and versatile flower is one that will make a statement while simultaneously symbolizing the value of friendship. This meaning makes it the perfect addition to any celebration enjoyed with loved ones.

    To make your centerpieces swoon worthy and festive, adorn them with glittery accents or tie the base with a shimmery ribbon to really make a statement. Add in touches that match the season such as snow frosted pine cones or bursts of red berries. Surround your centerpieces with lit candles to create a seductive ambiance.

    Celebrating the new year is an exciting time, and adding flowers to your celebration will do nothing but make it that much more alluring! Ring in the new year with style, romance, and flair by creating the perfect bouquet or centerpiece for the occasion.

  • 8 Flowers for Christmas To Decorate Your Home

    8 flowers for Christmas-01

    Christmas is coming, and with it the gorgeous Christmas flowers and plants that mark the season. Some of these plants are associated with Christmas because of their colo (we’re looking at you, poinsettias!) while others are associated with Christmas because they bloom during the holiday season. A few are just decorative and compliment any holiday project you can think of.

    Interestingly, most flowers associated with Christmas tend to be tropical, found in regions of North Africa, South Asia, and Central or South America. Many of them only became traditional to Christmas after colonists settled in these regions and sent them home to their families. To this day there are specific flowers that are customary to send or decorate with on Christmas. This also means that some flowers need special care or might be out of season, making them more expensive to find.

    Whether you are decorating a centerpiece, putting together arrangements for loved ones, or designing a holiday wreath—it’s important to choose flowers that are beautiful and mean something to you during this special season.

    Here are eight flowers for your Christmas decorating!


    8 flowers for Christmas-02

    This Christmas classic was introduced to the United States in the 1800s and is celebrated on December 12. It was named after its discoverer, Joel Roberts Poinsett, who was a botanist and the first US Ambassador to Mexico. The red protrusions we mistake for flower petals are actually more similar to leaves than flowers, but this flower has been a go-to for Christmas for almost two hundred years. They are also not poisonous, although ingesting too many of the leaves could leave small children and pets with tummy troubles.

    What’s the story behind poinsettia’s and Christmas? A Mexican legend states that a young girl had no gift to give the Baby Jesus, so she pulled together a bouquet of weeds. When she presented them to Jesus, they turned into beautiful red flowers. Other historians believe the poinsettia’s shape closely resembles the star of Bethlehem.


    The amaryllis plant grows in a stalk that produces flowers of red, pink or purple. Found mostly in tropical or subtropical climes, it grows very well indoors. The flashy colors make it a great plant for decorating, and the deep hue of the red ones make them wonderful for Christmas, even though they bloom closer to Easter. A bonus of amaryllis is that it has medicinal properties that treat Alzheimer’s disease (but consult your doctor before grinding it up)!


    With a nickname like “Old Man’s Beard,” it is no wonder the clematis makes a gorgeous addition to your holiday decorating! Its petals call to mind Santa’s beard. The flower’s name comes from the Greek word for “vine” and this particular property make it a great garnish to your holiday wreath. In fact, it comes in so many different colors that it shouldn’t be hard to work into the rest of your decorating!

    Algerian Iris

    There are many types of Algerian Iris, and they do not only grow in Algeria but also in Greece and all over the shores of the Mediterranean. The Mary Barnard variety was collected in Algeria in 1937. This flower thrives on neglect, preferring rocky soils and little water in order to thrive. Gardeners recommend picking the flower and letting it unfurl indoors. Since it blooms starting in November, it is a flower that is commonly seen around Christmas in many locales and thus finds its way into many Christmas florals!

    8 flowers for Christmas-03

    Galanthus Plicatus

    The more common name of this flower is much simpler than its Latin one: it is known as a snowdrop. It can be a beautiful garnish for a wreath or any flower arrangement, and can even be the star of a tastefully understated arrangement. Snowdrops have been around Europe since the 16th century, but the big boom started when British soldiers laid eyes on them in their indigenous habitat during the Crimean War in the 1850s.

    Christmas Cactus

    Cacti are not a plant one would think to associate with Christmas, when we are thinking about snow, firesides and hot chocolate, but Christmas cactus makes a beautiful and colorful case for the desert plant. Aside from the fact that cacti thrive on neglect, they are also very long-lived and survive very well in cool temperatures. Blooms for these flowers open more readily in darkness, cascading from the stalk in a colorful array that looks gorgeous in a centerpiece or hanging arrangement.

    The best part is you can use Christmas cactus to decorate your outdoors. Frame them around your front door, complimenting your wreath, or bring a little bit of the outdoors inside by placing them around your living room.


    flowers for christmas

    This tree had to be on this list because its long history as a traditional winter decoration predates Christmas. In addition to its well-known leaf structure and familiar red berries, holly also has aromatic white flowers. You have probably seen a wreath or garland made from the leaves, but don’t stop there in your own decorating! Just be mindful of the berries, since they are poisonous to children and pets.


    These colorful flowers are another of the varieties that hail from tropical climates, in this case on all three continents. There are many different kinds of begonias, with a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from. They are easy to find and thrive indoors, so you can grow them in any climate. To top it off, they are edible, which means they are kid and pet-friendly. While not typically a Christmas flower, their versatility lends to them being a welcome accent to your creative Christmas flower projects! Plus, these are perfect to bring to big holiday parties--they won’t bother allergies.

    Flowers For Christmas Care

    The eight flowers just listed thrive in different climates and have a wide array of care requirements. Some, like the cactus, thrive without water, while others, such as the Mary Barnard Algerian Iris, might be too delicate to bear much stress in an arrangement. Knowing how best to preserve each flower for a project will ensure that your decorations last, if that’s what you want to do. Most importantly, some of these flowers can last for many years if you have them planted, so knowing how to properly care for them can guarantee years of fresh displays!

    Flowers make people happy, and make a great element to your holiday decorations. The flowers just listed for you can help make your Christmas colorful and bright, or be a wonderful gift to someone you love. They could decorate your home, your garden, or your office, and bring a little Christmas cheer to everyone who sees them!

  • Tips For Sending Flowers Online When You Can't Be With Your Family For The Holidays

    sending flowers online

    Going on vacation this holiday? Or maybe your relatives will be too far away this year to visit.

    Whatever the reason, the holiday season is upon us and you will not see loved ones during this time. How do you let them know you are thinking of them during the holidays?

    A phone call is nice, but many of the winter holidays are centered around gift-giving, even when your relatives don’t ask for anything. As a result, one of the best ways to tell a loved one you love them for the holidays is to send them flowers. They are beautiful and decorative, and can say “I love you” in many creative ways.

    The best way to send flowers these days is online. It’s easy and allows you to choose whatever flowers you like, without the restriction of what’s in stock at a brick-and-mortar store. Many online florists even have pre-arrangements they make themselves for specific occasions, making it easier for you to choose one that your loved one will enjoy. Here are some tips for sending flowers to your loved ones this holiday!

    Find an Online Florist

    When looking for a reliable online florist, think about who you are sending your flowers to. This is important because some florists, even online, don’t deliver where you might need them to. Shopping around at national florists can be the best way to find one you like, and one that delivers where you need them to. It also doesn’t hurt to look at their selection, distribution, and fair labor methods, if these qualities are important to you.

    Writing the Card

    While the bouquet says a lot, the card is what you would say to your loved ones. Careful consideration must go into what you say and how you say it, especially if there is an unfortunate reason, such as illness, that you will not see this loved one. There are a lot of websites out there that can help you figure out what to say, but remember that the card is your personal touch, and make sure it represents you!

    What Kind of Flowers?

    sending flowers online

    Winter Bright Vase

    This is a gift to another person, so consider them in your choice of flowers and arrangements. Will a nice centerpiece say the same as a vase or bouquet, or would that be impractical due to room constraints? Would a vase be more of a hazard than a gift? Will a flower that sheds create a nuisance, or does your family have pets that may be harmed if they eat the flower? Take your loved ones into consideration!

    Edibles and Flowers

    A creative way to send flowers to a loved one, especially someone who is allergic to actual flowers, is to send edible bouquets. Candy bar bouquets are a popular choice, but people have created arrangements with many types of foods, from fruit to bacon. Many holiday bouquets feature Christmas candies, such as candy canes and peppermints. Check with the online florist you choose to see if they offer these delicious gifts!

    Send Flowers Early

    Flower delivery is just as much based on availability as any other kind of delivery, and there are busy days for florists, too. It is a good idea to send your flowers a few days before the actual event. If you wait till the last minute, you might run the risk that your flowers do not get delivered in time for the holidays, but if you send them a few days early, not only will your loved ones have them for the holiday, but they get to enjoy them ahead of time!

    Sending flowers when you can’t be with loved ones for the holidays is the next best thing to actually being there. It is a thoughtful way of showing people you care about them. Now that you have some knowledge about how to send a bouquet to far away loved ones, the only thing left to do is find that perfect bouquet!

  • 10 Ideas For Funeral Flowers Arrangements When You Want Something Unique


    When you, a loved one, a friend, or a colleague is grieving, funeral flowers arrangements can be a perfect and simple way to honor a life. During this particularly difficult time, flowers can mean a lot of things. They can be sent in remembrance of the deceased as a decoration for their memorial service and in celebration of their life or sent directly to the home of the grieving as a means of expressing sympathy.

    Lilies, carnations, and roses are some of the most traditional blooms for funeral flowers arrangements, often in subdued and light colors like white and pale pink. If this is what you’re most comfortable sending, by all means do so; they are traditional and many find comfort in that. But if you want something more cheery, here are 10 options for different unique arrangements, including a few ideas for building custom arrangements.

    Peace Lily Plant

    If you want to be unique without going too far off the beaten path, consider sending a peace lily plant. It’s a different shape from the more traditional lily, but it still symbolizes many of the same things, including innocence and rebirth of the soul beyond the physical world.

    This is a perfect choice to send to a grieving coworker or friend at their home or office as sympathy because the plant is subtle and not overly flashy, making it a nice decoration for the home. Additionally, since it is a potted plant it will last much longer than a traditional arrangement and provide comfort for a longer period of time. Someone could even choose to replant it in their yard as a permanent reminder of their lost loved one.


    No matter the occasion, orchids are a distinctive and unique flower that show a thoughtfulness beyond more traditional arrangements. They are ideal for funerals because they mean “I will always love you,” a perfect way to signifier how mourners will always keep the deceased in their hearts.

    They come in a diversity of colors and are perfect for small to mid-size arrangements for a home or office. So if you’re sending a sympathy arrangement, consider making a custom design with this unique bloom.


    funeral flowers arrangements

    Chrysanthemums are a big, beautiful bloom that are perfect as the primary flower in a smaller arrangement or as just one of several featured blooms in a larger arrangement. They come in many colors, but particularly red and white, which symbolizes love and innocence respectively -- both ideal for remembering the passing of a loved one. In Europe and America, they represent sympathy, making them the perfect flower to send as a sympathy arrangement to someone’s home or office. They can also be a beautiful addition to a larger funeral arrangement. In Asia, they symbolize rebirth which can be a beautiful way of commemorating a loved one’s soul passing on to a place beyond this earthly realm.


    Hyacinths are doubly perfect for a unique custom funeral arrangement. Their bright, sometimes nearly neon, colors are a lovely way to send sympathy or celebrate someone’s life in a vibrant way that goes against the grain of the more subdued blooms often used in such arrangements. Whether you choose to have them be the dominant flower or add a pop of color to a more subdued bouquet, they are perfect for celebrating someone who lived a full and vibrant life.

    Gracious Lavender Basket

    Whether you’re sending a basket to someone’s home or for decoration at the funeral service, the gracious lavender basket is a beautiful, unique choice that allows you to step outside the box without pushing the envelope too much. The array of purple and lavender blooms is more meditative and respectful than more brightly colored arrangements, but it still adds a welcome pop of color in contrast to all white and light pink arrangements. The inclusion of larkspur, snapdragons, monte casino asters, and more elevates this beyond the typical bouquet of roses and carnations.

    All Things Bright Standing Spray


    If you want to send a funeral decoration that celebrates renewal and life, rather than focusing on remembrance and grief, this is the perfect option. The bright colors of yellow, orange, and pink will add a cheerful arrangement to the mix and celebrate the vibrancy of the deceased’s life. Switching up traditional white lilies for yellow is the perfect way to add a hint of originality to the common funereal bloom.

    Celebration of Life Standing Spray

    The name of this arrangement says it all! With its orange gladioli, pink asters, and yellow gerbera daisies, the celebration of life standing spray celebrates a colorful life well-lived. If you’re looking for something a bit traditional for funeral decorations, the roses and gladioli in this standing spray for church decoration are perfect. But the brightly colored blooms also express condolences in a cheerier fashion that is more celebratory than somber.

    Treasured Tribute Wreath


    If you want a truly unique way to commemorate someone at the service, this square treasured tribute wreath can be wholly one-of-a-kind. While it may look traditional, with white roses and lilies, it’s elegance makes it a standout for any funeral. The lush and vibrant greens make it more special than the traditional easel of flowers.

    Garden Floral Basket or Wreath

    Whether you opt for the basket or wreath, both of these arrangements are the perfect size to decorate both the funeral service and be taken home as a lasting tribute to a loved one. These are some of the most vibrant arrangements we offer with a mix of colorful, eye-catching gerbera daisies, roses, lilies, Peruvian lilies, spider mums, monte casino and more. If you’re looking to truly celebrate life and send sympathy that helps brighten someone’s spirits, you can’t get more cheery than these brightly colored arrangements in shades of hot pink, bright yellow, burnt orange, and more. The basket even comes with a colorful bow to bring the whole look together!

    Meadows of Memories


    Given that this arrangement is designed specifically to surround an urn, you might think it’s one best left to family members to select. However, this meadow of memories can be used to surround anything special commemorating the deceased, whether it’s photographs or items of particular import to the family. Shades of pink and purple lavender larkspur, roses, carnations and asters, plus, green cymbidium orchids and fuji chrysanthemums are a soothing, beautiful arrangement to create a stunning display to house special memories of the deceased.

    Funeral flowers arrangements are the perfect way to bring a little brightness as your loved ones struggle through the grieving process. Find one that expresses a celebration of life in a unique way or talk to an online florist about customizing your own original vision.

  • How to Find Flowers For a Funeral Online

    flowers for a funeral

    Ordering flowers online can be so overwhelming! Your loved ones are hurting and you want to find the perfect flowers for a funeral. Unfortunately, with so many options, it can be hard to choose.  What company should you order from? What type of arrangement is appropriate? What is the perfect type of flower?

    Step 1. Choose an Online Florist

    To help you choose which company to order flowers from, look into their customer service, online testimonials and reviews. During a funeral you have enough going on that you don’t want to be worried about whether your flowers will arrive on time.

    Make sure that you choose a reputable company so that you can rest assured that the correct flower arrangement will arrive in a timely manner. You also want to choose a company that has the quality you need and the support if you need to create a custom flower arrangement.

    flowers for a funeral

    Step 2. Choose a Floral Arrangement

    The next thing that you need to do is choose what type of floral arrangement you would like to order. Your relationship to the deceased individual is important because that dictates who you buy the flowers for and what type you order. If you are a direct family member, then you may need to buy a larger floral arrangement than someone who is a friend or peripherally related.

    There are a few different types of floral arrangements to choose from. A full-sized casket spray is generally used with a closed casket and a half-sized spray is used with an open casket. You can also choose an inside piece to fit in the casket. Outside of the casket, usually there is a series of standing sprays, funeral baskets and bouquets.  You will want to consider your budget when choosing a flower arrangement to order, because there is a wide range in prices associated with sprays.

    If you are indirectly related to the deceased individual or a friend of the deceased individual’s relative, you don’t need to buy flowers for the funeral itself. Instead you may want to order sympathy flowers for that friend. This can be a small bouquet or flower arrangement that is sent directly to your mourning friend or relative.

    Step 3. Choose Flower Species

    When deciding what type of flowers that you want to order, you need to think about your loved one’s personality and preferences. For example, someone who truly tried to enjoy every moment of life might have wanted something more colorful, where someone who appreciated formality might have appreciated something more somber.

    Flower types and colors also have specific symbolic meanings. For example, a lily represents innocence and the return of the departed’s soul. A red rose symbolizes love and a yellow rose symbolizes friendship. Glandoli’s represent strength of character and carnations symbolize remembrance and admiration.

    flowers for a funeral

    Step 4. Choose Shipping Destination

    Once you have chosen exactly what type of flower arrangement you want to order, you need to decide when and where you want it delivered. If you ordered flowers for the casket, you want them to arrive before any of the viewings. If you are ordering a small bouquet of flowers, you simply need them to arrive before the funeral is scheduled. Flowers that are supposed to go to a specific person aren’t in as much of a time crunch, but you want to make sure that they are delivered to that person’s home address instead of the funeral home. Depending on the floral service you choose, you can expect to have options from same day delivery to 2 day delivery.

    Funerals can be stressful, but ordering flowers does not have to be.  Find a dependable flower company with only a few clicks. Then you can find the perfect flowers for a funeral with only a few more. You can be thoughtful, caring and sensitive without even leaving your house.

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