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  • DIY Wedding Bouquet for Winter Weddings

    diy wedding bouquet

    So you’re having a winter wedding and you’ve chosen to create a DIY wedding bouquet. You might think this limits your options because far fewer flowers bloom in the winter, naturally narrowing your selection. However, thanks to the magic of greenhouses and modern floral techniques, you can get a hold of just about anything you want at any time of year if you’re willing to pay for it.

    Here are some tips for making your very own winter wedding bouquet.

    Choosing the Right Flowers For Your DIY Wedding Bouquet


    Seasonal Arrangements and Accents

    Whether you just love the snow or the season holds special meaning for you and your future spouse or you’re obsessed with the holidays, you’ve chosen a winter wedding for a reason. So, naturally, you’ll want your arrangement to echo the love you have for winter.

    Color is key in the process. If you want to echo the colder, crisper temperatures of the winter in your bouquet, aim for an arrangement that features shades of emerald green, snowy white, icy blue, and deep burgundy. Jewel tones are always a great choice for winter arrangements, as well as deep, rich colors and icy blues/whites. Unless you’re specifically aiming for a holiday-themed wedding, try to select colors that convey your winter inspiration without specifically reading as holiday (so, for instance, don’t pair a lot of red and green together).

    White is often the most common color palette during winter, but you don’t have to go with stark colors—select blooms that have an “antique” white hue or branch out into creams, ivories, and pale blush shades. Silver and white can be an elegant way to combine the icy tones of winter in a bouquet. Silver leaves and ribbon can make the perfect accent for a collection of white blues if you want something that is the ultimate in wintry tones.

    If you want to add some wintry touches without going full winter wonderland, considering opting for winter themed accents that enhance whatever blooms you’ve selected. These could include evergreen sprigs, berries, acorns, dried cotton, and more. Pussy willow branches are another great wintry options, as well as white tipped pinecones, mistletoe, marabou feathers, blue-gray juniper boughs, and sage green lamb’s ear. There are so many ways to transform a generic bouquet into a winter wonderland with just a few well-placed accents.

    Whether you’re having a formal affair that calls for red and white roses or a more rustic gathering that is the perfect environment for some icy blue blooms and evergreen sprigs, there’s a winter bouquet perfect for your affair.

    diy wedding bouquet

    In Season Blooms

    Of course, you may prefer to stick with wedding flowers that are in season around the time of your wedding. Generally, it’s a cheaper option as they will be easier to get and not require transportation over long distances. Amaryllis, anemone, camellias, casablanca lilies, forget-me-nots, french tulips, gardenias, holly, jasmine, orchids, mini gerberas, narcissus paper whites, poinsettias, and roses are all seasonal flowers that are lovely choices for a winter wedding.

    Some, like poinsettias and red roses, are more indicative of the holiday season, while others come in a wide range of colors that allow you to match your design scheme no matter what you’ve selected. Many of these blooms naturally occur in shades of red and white, which are some of the most popular colors for winter weddings due to their evoking the frosty temperatures and the deep warmth of the holiday season.

    You may also want to add stems for accents and there are numerous filler stems that grow year-round and are perfect for your winter bouquet. Queen Anne’s Lace, waxflower, montecasino aster, statis, and hypericum are just a few of the options available to you. They come in everything from white to purple to yellow to pink, so there are a lot of choices, whether you’re opting for more traditional wintry shades or something off the beaten path.

    Prepping For Your DIY Wedding Bouquet For Winter



    Most likely you’ve chosen to DIY your bouquet to save yourself some money. But you still should have a budget in mind for the types of flowers you’re selecting. Generally, the average cost of a bride’s bouquet from a florist is around $150. So, try to make sure you’re spending around that much or less if the purpose of doing a DIY bouquet is to save money.

    Prices will certainly vary depending on the particular blooms you select. For instance, carnations are significantly cheaper than roses or peonies. Keep the price range in mind when you’re designing your bouquet and deciding what type of flowers you might want. Additionally, you can help keep prices down by using a lot of cheaper accent pieces and reducing the total number of flowers in the overall bouquet.


    Tips for DIY Wedding Bouquets

    If you’re going to DIY your wedding bouquet, there’s a lot of things you can do to prevent yourself major stress down the line. First off, plan your designs in extensive detail before you ever begin—know exactly what you want, what types of flowers you’ll be using, etc. so you can determine how to arrange it. Ideally, you would find a tutorial for the bouquet you’re most interested in making, but if nothing else you should watch a bunch of tutorials and make some practice bouquets to be sure you’re ready to make the centerpiece for your big day.

    If this is the first time you’ve ever arranged a bouquet for a special occasion, keep your expectations don’t realistic. Don’t choose a heavily ornate design off of Pinterest and expect to be able to recreate it. Keep it simple—use only one or two types of flowers in the design and pick something you feel confident you can construct after viewing tutorials. You will also want to pick sturdy, hardy flowers,  that way you won’t have to worry about damaging fragile blooms while assembling the arrangement. Lastly, be sure you have all the floral tools you need on hand before you begin, this includes ribbon, floral tape, floral scissors, floral foam, and floral wire. It’s better to have something you don’t end up using than to panic when your bouquet isn’t coming together the way you want it to.

    When it comes to building your bouquet, you should plan to do it the day before the wedding and allow a minimum of an hour to complete the project. Keep the flowers in water in a cool, shady place. Under no circumstances should you refrigerate the bouquet—your personal fridge is a different temperature from floral fridges and could dry out/kill the flowers. On the day of your wedding, put a trusted friend in charge of transporting the bouquet and making sure it gets there in one piece. You have enough to worry about already!

  • How to Choose and Order Roses That Match Her Personality

    order roses

    You want to impress your significant other. You decide that you should surprise her with roses, but should you buy red? Not necessarily! To really score points, order roses that will specifically match her personality. Anyone can buy red roses, but your loved one will be so impressed that you took the extra time and effort to personalize the roses you give her to match her specific tastes.

    When you want to order roses, you can look into the symbolism of the different rose colors and look at how pairing them makes a different impression than when they are presented alone. Here’s an easy guide for knowing how to choose and order roses that match her personality!

    Red roses

    This color is for a beautiful, strong, determined and independent woman that is courageous and passionate. When you order a red rose, it means that you truly love and respect her.

    Yellow roses

    If your girlfriend is joyful, happy, delightful and brightens your day, this color may be for her. A yellow rose really tells someone that you care and promises new beginnings and bright futures.

    order roses

    White roses

    White roses indicate someone is pure, innocent or youthful. This color may be a good one to give your girlfriend if you want to tell your girlfriend that you are worthy of her and help her to understand how good she makes you want to be.

    Purple roses

    This color is for a mysterious and enchanting woman. It symbolizes love at first sight and the bright colors will really resonate with someone who has a lot of spunk.

    Pink roses

    Pink roses, indicate admiration and appreciation. Pink may be a good fit for your girlfriend is gentle, sweet and graceful.

    Orange roses

    This color is for the highly desired, fascinating and enthusiastic girlfriend. It says that you think she looks sexy and has a personality to match.

    Black roses

    Black roses symbolize death and farewell. This color may be a good option for a girlfriend that is going through a tough time or grieving. You can also look into funeral flowers besides roses that may be a better fit for the occasion.

    Blue roses

    Blue roses are for the woman that feels unattainable and or impossible to attract. This color is good for a girlfriend that you really admire or for a woman that you hope will be your girlfriend soon.

    order roses

    You can also give multiple colors of roses together. While you can pick a color combination that just looks attractive, you want to make sure that it is personalized to your relationship. You can mix colors depending on the personalities of you and your girlfriend, or you can use the symbolism that certain color combinations already posses.

    Red and white roses

    When given together, red and white roses signify unity and a future together. You can choose this color combination if your personality as a couple is passionate, intense and committed.

    Red and yellow roses

    When paired, they symbolize how happy the relationship is and hopes for an happy future together. This color combination is great for an optimistic couple that looks forward to what many more years together will bring.

    Whether you're looking to buy roses for someone who is shy, playful, innocent or mysteries; there is a perfect color to match that personality. Did you find the perfect color to match your girlfriend’s personality? Then it’s time to impress her when you order roses personalized to her tastes. Use an expert online florist to order the roses you want in a beautiful arrangement, and you can surprise her with the perfect roses she’ll remember forever.

  • Our Top 8 Favorite Thanksgiving Flowers To Celebrate Family

    thanksgiving flowers

    While Thanksgiving has become synonymous with fall décor like pumpkins, acorns and the transitioning colors of foliage, this season can have even more meaning by decorating with vibrant Thanksgiving-inspired flowers. Flowers can be presented as a gift to the host or simply included as centerpieces on the dinner table.

    No matter their use, when it comes to Thanksgiving flowers there are no set rules as to what you can and cannot use to decorate and celebrate this holiday. So, for those who are preparing to share a Thanksgiving meal with friends, family and loved ones, why not complement the event with beautiful blooms that are a true reflection of this season of giving. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving flowers that will make this holiday a special occasion for the whole family!


    thanksgiving flowers

    Relaxing mums are an age-old favorite for Thanksgiving celebrations. This wonderful wildflower makes a great statement for both small get-togethers as well as large-scale gatherings. As a preferred flower of the fall, the mum is a long-lasting bloom that is a Thanksgiving Day show-stopper. Mums come in a variety of colors that are indicative of the fall season to include yellow, pink, purple, and bronze and are a pleasurable flower to not only look at, but to take care of.

    The mum originates from China – from the golden-yellow mum that is daisy-like in appearance. After many years of hybridization, mums are now used for either cutting (florist mums) or for gardening (hardy mums). Mums offer a brilliant indoor variety that will leave a lasting impression for this year’s Thanksgiving festivities.

    Peruvian Lilies

    thanksgiving flowers

    Peruvian lilies are inherently autumnal. As a beautiful blossom native to South America they embody the warmth of gatherings that make spending time with the special people in your life so magical. Peruvian lilies come in many shades to include red, apricot, lavender, purple, white, orange, green and even flecked and striped varieties.

    Because of its festive vibrancy, the Peruvian lily remains a favorite among many during the holiday season. Peruvian lily bouquets can make an excellent presentation as centerpieces on the dinner table that the entire family to admire.


    thanksgiving flowers

    As an intimate flower often associated with romance, roses are an excellent way to offer timeless elegance in a setting that is meaningful to those who have gathered together to share a wonderful meal while giving thanks. Roses are an all-time top-choice when it comes to floral arrangements and a pleasing display of soft roses is a subtle way to celebrate the traditional colors of fall.

    With pale yellow, white, red and gentle orange, roses are an unexpectedly spectacular idea for Thanksgiving décor or for gifts. For instance, present a rose to each family member while sharing what you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving season.


    thanksgiving flowers

    Helianthus, also known as sunflowers, are an especially strong and inspirational choice for making a grand appearance during this year’s Thanksgiving festivities. Sunflowers will warm the hearts of your guests and will leave a lasting impression that goes hand-in-hand with such a joyous holiday occasion. Featuring bright, sunny yellow petals, this is a flower that reminds people of the meaning of Thanksgiving.

    Sunflowers offer a spirit of joy, jubilation and thankfulness with their friendly presentation. For instance, feature a grand sunflower arrangement during Thanksgiving and be sure to create a positive atmosphere of giving during this holiday season!

    Gerbera Daisies

    thanksgiving flowers

    Gerbera daisies are another flower that will not only look spectacular around the home this Thanksgiving, but they will create a presence that brings family and friends together as they admire this wonderful bouquet. Consisting of delicate blossoms, these lush florals create a soft experience that is perfect for intimate Thanksgiving Day settings.

    Featuring colors of fall like white, pink, salmon, lavender, purple, red, coral, amber, and even bi-colors like yellow and orange, gerbera daisies are the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones. The gerbera daisy is a cheerful flower and it will even leave a pleasant aroma around the home that the entire family will surely enjoy and remember!


    thanksgiving flowers

    Add a tender touch to Thanksgiving with carnations. Bursting with holiday brilliance, carnations overflow with the spirit of Thanksgiving. While it is unknown where the carnation originates from, with many speculating the Mediterranean and Eurasia, this flower also known as “The Flower of God” is often symbolic of love and has special meaning for the holidays. Coming in a wide variety of colors to include yellow, purple, pink, green, white, dark red, and striped, the carnation is the perfect way to celebrate and dine with family during Thanksgiving.

    What’s more is that carnations last a very long time after they are cut so the family can continue to enjoy them for many weeks to come. Furthermore, family members will surely appreciate such pretty flowers that are both tasteful and truly representative of this season of gratitude.

    Solid Aster

    thanksgiving flowers

    Make a huge statement with solid aster. Solid aster, with all of its subtle beauty, creates an amazing conversational piece to remember this Thanksgiving. Originating from France, this flower is a hybrid created from Aster and Goldenrod and with its creamy yellow blooms and subtle fall greenery, creates an excellent focal point within any room. This is especially true for dinner tables or living rooms where loved ones may gather together and create memories. Solid aster can even serve as the perfect backdrop for Thanksgiving Day family pictures! A solid aster arrangement is both a fun and festive way to decorate and celebrate this holiday season.

    Cushion Poms

    thanksgiving flowers

    Want to make a daring, exciting and highly memorable statement this Thanksgiving? Try cushion poms! Cushion poms are a type of chrysanthemum which features a plethora of beautiful, fluffy petals in various hues of the fall. Offering an overflow of vibrant yellow, white and lavender blooms atop long green stems, this playful flower will surely put a smile on the entire family’s faces. The cushion pom remains a favorite fall floral, and they are a great way to brighten up the Thanksgiving Day occasion, while embodying the cozy and quaint spirit of the season.

    What better way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday alongside friends and family than with a beautiful fall-inspired floral arrangement? Make this day even more special by planning the perfect décor that includes blossoms and lush Thanksgiving flowers.

  • Chrysanthemum Flowers: The Birth Flower of November and its Meaning

    chrysanthemum flowers

    Chrysanthemum flowers—or ‘mums’ for short—are the symbolic flower for all those born in the month of November. The beauty of the mum can be found in nearly every color for a décor arrangement or landscaping motif that perfectly pairs with any palette. Mums also are found in a variety of petal shapes—from fluffy full pompons to spidery anemone mums.

    Every flower holds a symbolic meaning, and giving a bouquet of mums may reflect multiple gestures based on the chosen hue. According to HGTV, red chrysanthemums denote love, while a gift of yellow mums are a symbol of sadness.

    HGTV also notes that the chrysanthemum flower is held in high esteem in Asia. Japan cherishes the chrysanthemum, and the flower and is thought to represent the sun and the idea of pure perfection. However, the white chrysanthemum also is the symbolic flower of death and bereavement in Japan.

    The chrysanthemum is so symbolic to Japan that the flower is the centerpiece of the Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara. According to the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor, the flower is the symbol of the Japanese monarchy and is featured in the Imperial Seal of Japan, and their most prestigious royal order is the Order of the Chrysanthemum.

    While the chrysanthemum is sacred in Japan, the flower also holds meaning for wedding anniversaries around the country. For couples celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary, a gift of mums is the symbolic flower of choice. And, according to Gardenerdy, Chicago adopted the chrysanthemum as the city’s official flower.

    Caring for Chrysanthemums

    chrysanthemum flowers

    The chrysanthemum is a fairly hardy flower that remains a popular choice for gardens and indoor arrangements. Choosing the right soil is important for thriving mums.

    GardeningKnowHow recommends planting chrysanthemums in well draining organic soil, and mums are typically planted during the spring season (although southern areas should plant in fall). Mums also thrive in sunny areas, and the plants GardeningKnowHow also notes that plants need to be pinched to encourage correct growth and lots of blooms. You may use fertilizers to encourage plants to flourish.

    Keeping chrysanthemum flowers as indoor houseplants requires little maintenance. Water potted plants to ensure the soil stays moist. Temps below 60 degrees can cause mold or dark spots on leaves. Keep the room temperature around 70 degrees for thriving mums.

    Decorating with Mums

    chrysanthemum flowers

    Chrysanthemums’ bright cheerful colors are ideal for indoor (and outdoor) décor. Since many of these mums flourish in fall, use chrysanthemums to accentuate festive autumnal displays. Better Homes & Gardens recommends orange and yellow mums as accents alongside pumpkins.

    However, pink and other lighter hued mums may brighten up the dark days of autumn. Use these colorful blooms inside to decorate tables or in pots situated alongside the home entryway. Mums also may make an ideal centerpiece flower for Thanksgiving feasts. Orange, gold, and yellow mums can burst from within cornucopia planters for a festive Thanksgiving table decoration. Round pompon shaped mums also may be arranged to create a festive pumpkin design in a bouquet or table arrangement.

    The beauty of the chrysanthemum bursts in full-bloom during fall. Choose mums to decorate fall feast banquet tables or to give a bright burst of color outdoors during the drearier darker days of autumn. No matter what type of chrysanthemum you choose, there are multiple shades and shapes to create the ideal arrangement for your home or garden. Find a chrysanthemum arrangement you’ll love with an online florist!

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