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  • Reap Rewards of Flowers & Plants in the Workplace

    There is no better change in the seasons like the weeks before spring. There’s heightened anticipation, not just of warmer weather, greener grass and longer days, but also for the season’s blooms! Its time to enjoy the rewards of flowers and plants-- in the workplace.

    rewards of flowers and plants What a work environment!

    Legendary professional golfer Walter Hagen is credited with the following, first published in his 1956 book, The Walter Hagen Story, "You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry. Don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way."

    It’s this sentimental wise advice that I feel as spring approaches. Spring brings a zealous sense of joy, a time when life slows down a tad and being present just comes a little more easily.

    Ironically, it is the same advice that I share with my customers every day on enjoying and reaping the rewards of flowers and plants. As Key Account Specialist at Kremp Florist, I work with our business clients supporting their floral, plant and gift giving needs. Many of which are looking to bring corporate flowers and plants into the workplace.

    reap rewards from flowers Flowers for a meeting

    It wasn’t just Walter Hagen’s eloquent cliché on life. There is plenty of research out there that proves that flowers can have a positive impact on our productivity, health and wellbeing … no matter what the season.

    reap rewards from plants in office This little spider plant has great powers toward productivity!

    Specifically, one recent study conducted at Texas A&M University found that while on the job, workers' idea generation, creative performance and problem solving skills improved substantially in a workplace environment that included flowers and plants. More creative thinkers and working harder … that’s pretty powerful! Talk about reaping the rewards of flowers and plants in the workplace!

    My customers looking for corporate flowers and office plants love another compelling study that showed that flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.

    The evidence suggests that just being in the presence of flowers has an immediate impact on happiness, can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated in the presence of flowers, and demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction. Now what CEO or Office Manager wouldn’t want that for their team!

    It was also found that simply having plants in the office can benefit ones health by improving air quality and removing certain toxins.

    Granted, Hagen had the luxury of working in the lushest plant and floral workplace environment ever, most likely in spring time temperature. It’s no surprise that his wellbeing and outlook on life was effected by his beautiful surroundings. Come to think of it, you’d think working at a florist might have some positive impact on my golf game. No such luck!

    Fortunately, no matter what the workplace environment or what the climate outdoors may be, by bringing in a pretty vase of blooms, or spreading out a few bright green ficus trees, you can reap the rewards of flowers and plants in the workplace and have an immediate positive effect in the staff’s productivity, health and wellbeing.

    With the help of Kremp Florist, every business can reap the rewards of flowers and office plants in their surroundings. If you are looking to enhance your space aesthetically and you want the added benefit of improving your staff’s creativity and productivity, contact me today, or 215-657-6702!


    Submitted by Laura Kremp, Key Account Specialist

  • Getting Ready for Spring

    Getting Ready For Spring! With deep snow and cold temperatures outside, it’s hard to believe that we will be out in the garden with dirt on our hands in no time. There’s no better way to beat cabin fever than to get a jump on planning the great things that you are going to do in your yard to get ready for spring. Grab a cup of coffee, curl up in front of the fire with your dog, a blanket and your ipad or laptop and start dreaming. Make getting ready for spring something that you look forward to each year.

    Remember that section of the yard that didn’t get as much sun as you thought it would where your petunias didn’t do so well? How about that hook on the porch where you couldn’t decide what to hang there and it stayed empty all summer? Where’s the best place to hang that birdhouse that your kids made for you at school?

    A really cute bird house help you getting ready for spring This hand made bird house is perfect for your garden and the visiting chickadees.

    The internet has all of the answers to questions about getting ready for spring and now is the time to find them. Start out by searching for answers to your specific questions and see where it takes you. You’ll not only find that petunias don’t do well in the shade, but also that there are countless options to bring color to that area that you never knew existed. That empty hanger? There are so many more options than the same old hanging baskets that you see on all of your neighbor’s porches. The birdhouse? What size is the hole on the house and what birds will use it? How high and where should it be hung so that the birds will find it an attractive place to call home?

    Every year, plant breeders release new improved varieties of all of your favorite plants, as well as brand new introductions that have never been available before. Whether it’s a new color of an old standby, a new trailing growth habit on a plant that has always grown upright or a hybrid that takes a shade plant and allows it to grow in full sun, you are sure to find something that will perfectly fit your needs. Some suggestions to make getting ready for spring easy: Draw a rough sketch of your gardens with dimensions and notes on sun exposure. Surf through garden sites to find what you would like to plant in each area and how many of each plants you will need. By putting a list together now you’ll spend less time reading labels and scratching your head at the store and more time planting the perfect garden.

    Getting ready for spring with beautiful hanging baskets Alyssum hanging baskets in gorgeous colors.

    Old standbys like fuchsias, geraniums and new guinea impatiens make for some great hanging baskets, but there are lots of exciting options available today. Names like lobularia, calibrachoa, portulaca and scaevola won’t be any more confusing or intimidating than impatiens, petunia or begonia if you take the time to learn about them now. You’ll find that there will almost certainly be plants that will out perform those same old duds that you stick there each year.

    You will feel a sense of accomplishment when that wren or chickadee starts checking out that house that you hung in that spot intending to specifically attract that bird. While learning about their housing preferences, take some time to research what the best food is to put out for them. You’ll find that suet and peanuts are often a better choice than plain old bird seed. A bird bath will likely attract as many birds as the feeders so find a good place for one of those too! Putting together a good plan now goes a long way towards getting the garden ready for spring. Take the time to figure things out now while youre stuck inside so that you can better enjoy being outside in a couple of months!

    Article submitted by Steve Kremp, Head Grower for Kremp Florist/Kremp Cutting Gardens and Greenhouses.

  • Chocolates Balloons and Teddy bears for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day Latex Balloons

    So Valentine’s Day is coming your way like a freight train and you’re worried you don’t have what it takes to take it on? Fear not, we have what you need to make short work of all the preparations for the big day and what comes with it. This can be a great and truly romantic time around the year, but you will need to keep in mind that all of this will require you to be fully committed to the task if you want to have solid results and the perfect presents come Valentine’s Day. Sometimes simple actions and presents can make all the difference in the world, while in other cases you will need something stronger to make the right impression to your beloved. Everyone has different tastes, so we will cover some of the potential solutions you can make use of in the process:


    • Cooking that one amazing meal

    Regardless of being a man or a woman, chances are your beloved has a very specific favorite meal or a treat that is the path to their heart. Cooking their favorite meal could be the setup for the rest of the evening and you can make it a real special one indeed, but you don’t have to handle the job alone or deal with gardening just to pick those special spices and products – just take them out for dinner and have a nice and romantic evening. If you have access to a farmers market you can find some great produce grown with organic gardening techniques by experienced gardeners, which will taste a whole lot better than anything you find elsewhere.


    • Teddy Bears

    Something of a universal present, plushies are a time-honored tradition ever since Valentine’s Day became a commercialized holiday. You can use them to make a quick present matter, so just look for the perfect combination of plushies to make a difference.

    Cute teddy bear for Valentine's Day


    • Making it into a date

    Whether you go for a movie, theater or you want to spend some time alone together. Have your loved one figure out where they want to go and you will have a much better time together. If you do plan to make it a date, you should make sure you check out the local places you can visit together a few days ahead of time just in case, so you can make a reservation.


    • Flowers

    Well this is a classic solution, but one that will always be worth it. You can see about finding flowers grown with professional gardening techniques, so look for ones that will mirror the feelings you have but ones that also follow what your beloved likes as well. You would however do well to look for flowers that have been grown by gardening professionals.


    • Chocolates

    This is another time-tested and amazing gift you can use for pretty much any occasion. Grab a nice selection and see about enjoying it together. You can see about making it count by checking out multiple options  or you could even make some of your own.

    Chocolates for Valentine's Day
  • Best Flowers for Valentine's Day

    As the most romantic day of the year is slowly approaching, we have plenty of opportunities to consider new ways to make it count for our significant others. Valentine’s Day is a time when we do our best to show our love and appreciation in the most memorable way ever. This can be done in many ways, from more solid and material presents that pass the test of time, such as jewelry and more, but you can always make sure you have the right solution, such as using the universal present: flowers. Red and pink tulips are often symbols of new beginnings, making them an excellent way to start a new romance. A perfect scarlet tulip can also represent a perfect love for example. You can use a number of flowers to also smooth things over in a troubled romance as well, so it is up to you to make it happen. So what are the best flowers for Valentine's Day?  Roses are obviously the number one choice.  But are there other options that could be sent?  Of course!  Here are some ideas:


    • Orchids

    Certain tropical arrangement such as anthurium or even orchids will be reminiscent to the faraway places they come from, such as the Amazon, Hawaii and Brazil. This will help add an exotic layer to your floral mix on the big day. You can find plenty of delicate and graceful orchids in flower shops all around the world. They easily represent grace, love, beauty and luxury you can really impress with on Valentine’s Day.

    Assorted orchid plants



    • Sunflowers

    The yellow petals and wonderful open face symbolize the sun itself, with an entire bouquet symbolizing warmth, happiness, lasting love and adoration among other things. Although the flowers will be quite large, you can still make use of them in the process of preparing for what lies ahead without it becoming a problem. These are often grown in gardening conditions as we all know, but they can be used as flowers as well with a bit of imagination.

    Sunflowers in a bucket



    • Gerber daisies

    Daisies are often connected to innocence and fun, but the red one is a true representation of love and sweetness that you can really rely upon. You can grab a multicolored group of it to represent being thankful, loving, admiring and so much more. A pure representation of happiness given the chance, Gerber daisies will be something you can really enjoy on the big day. You can even grow them at home for gardening and landscaping purposes with the right approach.

    Assorted flowers with Gerbera daisies



    • Lilies

    Elegant, refined and a pretty bold choice, especially if you plan on using the Mini Cala Lily, which is a gorgeous mix of purity, innocence, beauty and so much more such as the looks of the Red Peruvian Lily. The Peruvian Lily has a nice mix of heart-shaped petals with a nice hint of yellow for a romantic gesture you can really have fun with.


    • Succulents

    If you happen to be a part of the women who actually bought flowers for their significant other Valentine’s Day you can easily buy succulents such as aloe, cacti, sempervivum are pretty easy to care for and lasting for months on end.

  • Rose Colors and their Meanings

    Roses can come in many colors and varieties, but in the end there are many meanings attached to the flowers themselves. How does one know all the rose colors and their meanings? Whether you deal with gardening and landscaping for roses alone or you use the ones grown by professional gardening companies is up to you. The following examples will explain the differences and other smaller details:

    Red Roses

    Red roses are a traditional symbol of romance, love and are always a universal way to say “I love you” to the ones you care about. Red roses are also considered a reflection of perfection and beauty. Dark red or deeper red roses are said to reveal an unconscious beauty.

    Red rose in the garden

    Pink roses

    Words like grace, joy, sweetness and admiration are one way to describe pink roses and the meaning behind them. They can convey grace, admiration and happiness above all.

    Pink rose fully open



    Yellow Roses

    Bright and cheerful, much like joy itself is what you think about whenever you see a yellow rose in a perfectly maintained garden. Yellow roses are a source of happiness for many and they can serve as a symbol of friendship whenever you need them.

    Yellow Rose opening

    White Roses

    White roses, the purest of colors represent exactly that – purity, innocence and charm. They are often used in weddings to represent a new beginning. It is also believed they are used to represent remembrance as well.

    Orange Roses

    Orange is the color of energy, enthusiasm, excitement and desire. Giving someone orange roses can signify passionate feelings and excitement for your connection to you loved one.

    Lavender Roses

    Love at first sight or simply another truly enchanting way of saying “I love you!”, lavender roses can be a great way to remind the ones you love of your affection and the desire to grow the relationship into something more.

    Salmon Roses

    Although the name may call associations of fish, the truth is they are a simple pinker shade of orange, carrying the same meaning as orange roses with a hint of enthusiasm, desire and excitement as well. You can give them as a way to share your desire to the ones you love and to show them your true feelings.

    Peach Roses

    These can represent gratitude to the ones you appreciate, as a bouquet of them can represent the deeper appreciation and respect you have for them. They are a great way to show that in a truly elegant and beautiful way.

    Cream Roses

    Cream roses are connected to thoughtfulness and charm, as a suave way of saying thank you, allowing you to show more than one shade of your emotions with a simple, yet aesthetically beautiful gift.

    Green Roses

    This is the color of life, growth, energy and renewal. Green roses represent the rejuvenation of nature and the spirit, and are therefore a true symbol of life and a rose of one truly unforgettable color. This is one excellent way of showing your feelings in a unique and colorful way. The greatest thing about roses is that you can not only do the gardening and landscaping part yourself, but you can also find more than simple meaning in their colors, but also their numbers.

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