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  • Lonely Bouquets Hit the Streets!

    Lonely Bouquets Hit the Streets! This week is one of our favorite times of year at Kremp Florist. This week, our Sunflowers got a little antsy and couldn't sit in the cooler any longer. They escaped and have been exploring the towns around our shop. We are so thankful for the many people who have found them and taken them home. These Lonely Bouquets have been found in malls, businesses, restaurants, hospitals, at train stations, park benches and several other locations. We encourage everyone who finds and adopts them to post a picture online to let us know how far the bouquets got and how much they are enjoying their new homes. Here are a few pics "from the road" sent in from those who found them!

    Bouquets of Sunflowers Our Lonely Bouquets before escaping! 


    Sunflower bouquetsEven more Lonely Bouquets Hit the Streets!

    Keep an eye out for our homegrown sunflower bouquets around town. They say sunflowers follow the sun across the sky, and boy they weren't kidding!!!!! These sunflowers have escaped the flower shop and journeyed far beyond their homes. If you find one, make sure to give it a good home and then tell us about it later on social media. Check out of Facebook and Twitter pages for even more pictures of our Lonely Bouquets!!!

  • Our Summer Blooming Hanging Baskets Are Loving This Heat!

    Summer is a time for barbeques, fireworks, the beach, and relaxation time.  While we enjoy the beautiful weather, our surroundings help contribute to the beauty! Patios, front porches, backyards and storefronts are showing off our colorful blooming hanging baskets. Our Summer Blooming Hanging Baskets Are Loving This Heat! Vibrant reds, purples, pinks, yellows and blues! Check out some of our favorite varieties here, all grown at our local greenhouse! These pics were taken today in front of our showroom.

    DSCN0364[1] DSCN0366[1] DSCN0365[1] DSCN0374[1]

    Our plants are really soaking up the bright Summer sun. The healthy plants and flowers are due, in large part, to the abundance of sunshine which stimulates photosynthesis and help keeps them looking great. But, don't forget to water your plants thoroughly several times a day during this heat wave. Plants need plenty of sunshine and water to keep healthy. Make sure you are adequately watering your plants during this intense Summer heat! We water our plants about 3 times a day when it stays this hot out for this long. We try to avoid mid-day watering when water splashed on the leaves can attract sunlight and burn the leaves. When in doubt you can always spot water the garden for anything that looks wilted or a little too dry.

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