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  • 5 Absolutely Incredible Time-Lapse Flower Videos

    Agapanthus Flower

    Photo by: Christoph Rupprecht (Flickr)

    Have you ever wanted to watch a flower bloom? To us fast-moving humans, plants don’t seem to move at all, but in reality, they are constantly in motion. Perhaps you would like to capture a flower blooming yourself. A variety of devices, including computer cameras, smartphones, and digital cameras, are capable of making time-lapse videos. Time-lapse videos are made by taking a sequence of photographs over a period of time. All of the photos are then condensed into a video lasting only a few minutes, which allows you to see the slow movement or changes of an object or scene at a faster pace - basically, time lapse-videos are like flip books.

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  • 6 Reasons To Put a Water Feature In Your Garden

    Backyard Pond

    Photo by: F Delventhal (Flickr)

    There was a time when water features were only for parks and the rich, but not anymore. With the wide range of water features available today, any gardener can add the tranquility and interest of water to the landscape. If you have worried that a pond would be too expensive and difficult to install and maintain, you have many other options. Consider a small above-ground fountain, a basin of still water with plants and fish, or even a table-top fountain if a pond is not feasible. There are so many great reasons to add a water feature to your garden; here are six.

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  • Growing Your Own Cut Flower Garden

    Cut Flowers

    Photo by: Julie (Flickr)

    Imagine walking through aisles of flowers right outside your door, selecting what you want, making a bouquet, and not paying — sound good? If it does, then perhaps you should consider growing your own cut-flower garden. Even if you have a garden already, chances are good that you worry about cutting too many flowers and detracting from the beauty of your garden; with a cut garden, you no longer have to worry about this. I like cut gardens because they offer the chance to grow hard-to-find plants and experiment with plants you may want to put in your feature gardens. By now, I am sure you are sold on the idea, so here are some tips on how to start a cut-flower garden.

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  • 9 Wine Health Benefits: How Wine Might Save Your Life

    Red Wine

    Photo by: Uncalno Tekno (Flickr)

    If you love wine, you are not alone — many wine lovers have come before you. Wine has been enjoyed by most civilizations for thousands of years; this phenomenal beverage was born somewhere between 6000 and 4000 BC in the Middle East. Historically, wine was frequently consumed since clean water sources were often hard to find, and the health benefits of the drink were discovered early on. Today, scientists have confirmed that drinking red wine in moderation offers many health benefits; here are nine that will leave you in good spirits! 9 Wine Health Benefits: How Wine Might Save Your Life...

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  • How "Feng Shui" Is Your Garden?

    Rock Feature

    Photo by: Jon C (Flickr)

    You may have heard the term “Feng Shui” used to describe homes and buildings, but did you know it can be used to design a beautiful and harmonious garden? Simply put, Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese practice of arranging the environment in a way that maximizes the flow of "Chi," or the energy force found in all things. It is said that practicing Feng Shui tenets can help you to harness good energy and deflect bad energy, leading to health, wealth, and happiness.

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  • The 10 Things Your Mother REALLY Wants for Mother's Day


    Photo by: Oveja (Flickr)

    Milton Berle once said “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?”, and I have to wonder the same thing. As one of four boys, I have to admit that no day of the year is as hard earned as Mother’s Day—even though my brothers and I never gave my mother a moment’s trouble! Your mother gave you your life plus a lot of her own so it is only fair to make this one day of the year super special for her. Are you stumped on what to buy your mom for Mother’s Day? Relax; I have ten great gift ideas for you. I guarantee there is a gift for moms of all ages, stages, and interests.

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