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  • Bird Feeders: Tips for Success

    Hummingbird at Feeder

    Photo by: Martin Cathrae (Flickr)

    Bird Feeders: Tips for Success

    By contributor Ruby Bayan

    Like any other endeavor that involves caring for wild animals, bird-feeding requires a little bit of planning to ensure that the experience is beneficial not just to the birds but to you as well. Your bird-feeding efforts will be successful if you know your avian friends and what, where, and how to feed them.

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  • Amazing Flower Art from Around the World

    Floral design is all about creating different arrangements of flowers and other plants that will be pleasing to the eye. Generally, when we think of floral design, we think of beautiful bouquets or sometimes wreaths, boutonnières, and corsages. These incredible examples of flower art from around the world, however, take floral design to a whole new level. See for yourself:

    Rose Sculpture

    Photo source: Link

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  • The 12 Most Common Gardening Mistakes

    Spring is here and everywhere you look, colorful, tempting seed packets surround you. Flowering annuals are starting to show up, as well as perennials, herbs, and cool-weather vegetables. You give in to temptation and buy all sorts of plants, dreaming of the marvelous gardens that will emerge by summer. In reality, by summer, your dream garden is a sorry mess and you have given up. How many of us have experienced this? Don’t feel bad — I think most of us have to some extent. Read on to learn about 12 of the most common gardening mistakes and how to avoid them.

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  • Flowers Are The Perfect "Thank You" for Your Staff on Administrative Professionals Day

    In my opinion, few people are more deserving of a day dedicated to them than administrative professionals. They are responsible for keeping businesses running and organized, and they often are the face of a business as well. American businessman Harry F. Klemfuss recognized the importance of this position in 1952, and along with the National Secretaries Association, he created Secretaries Day, which today is known as Administrative Professionals Day. This day is the perfect time to show your appreciation with a gift, and flowers are the perfect choice for many reasons. Secretaries Day is always the Wednesday of the last week of April; this year, it is on April 23rd, which is right around the corner.

    Spring Appreciation Bouquet

    Photo from:

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  • Easter Week at Kremp Florist

    It's Easter week at Kremp Florist and the shop smells like spring with all the hyacinths, tulips and Easter lilies! I just love this incredible time of year and I wanted to capture it all on camera. I've posted a few pictures I took around the shop this morning for you to enjoy!

    Assorted Easter Plants in the flower shop


    Easter Lilies and Hydrangea plants


    Easter Ilies, tulips and hyacinth plants

    Easter has always been my favorite time of year at the flower shop. Just the smell of all the wonderful bulb plants brings back memories of growing up in the shop. There's nothing like the sweet smell of nostalgia from all the Easter lilies, hyacinths, tulips, and other blooming plants we have. It really does get me in the spirit of the season and remind me that Spring is right around the corner. All the other pretty accents like pussy willow, butterflies, eaggs, and bunnies help get me in the Easter spirit too. There's nothing like walking in in the morning to a showroom full of blooming plants and lovely fresh cut flowers to remind me that Easter inly comes once a year and we should savor the season and enjoy eevery moment.

    Have a Happy Easter, everyone. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite Easter flower!

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  • 5 Surprising Things You Probably Didn't Know About Easter

    Easter Bunny

    Photo by: Somewhere in the world today (Flickr)

    The word “Easter” likely conjures up images of rabbits, colored eggs, candy, and perhaps the resurrection of Jesus: Have you ever wondered how such odd associations were made? Well, don’t feel bad — today, not even scholars know how this came to be for sure, but they have some good guesses. There are lots of interesting facts and hypotheses surrounding Easter that you probably didn’t know — here are five of them.

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  • 11 Unusual Uses For Flowers

    A flower is the perfect embodiment of both beauty and function. When gazing upon the beauty of flowers, most of us are too spellbound to think about how useful they are. In fact, I’ll bet that some flower uses will even surprise you! Here are 11 unusual uses for flowers to entertain you.

    Air Cleaners

    It is easy for air pollutants to build up in indoor spaces. One way to reduce air pollution is through the use of houseplants, which NASA has found reduce volatile organic compounds. Plants absorb the VOCs through their leaves and break them down in their root systems. They also reduce dust and increase humidity. Some flowering plants that are especially good as air filters are orchids, florist’s mums, and Gerbera daisies.

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  • The Most Incredible Public Gardens in America

    If you love plants and traveling, consider taking a trip to some of these breathtaking botanical gardens. All throughout the world, the land is dotted with these green jewels just waiting to be explored. All of them have different collections or qualities that make them special. Most botanic gardens combine science, plants, art, and architecture to create a little piece of heaven. I am fortunate enough to live near some of these gardens, and I’ll bet you might too. There are an estimated 1775 botanic gardens in 148 countries – but I have included eleven of the best in the United States here. It is impossible to list all of the treasures these gardens hold, so I have picked out some of the most special qualities of each garden to list.

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  • How Flowers Affect The Human Brain

    When you send a bouquet, you truly are sending happiness. This is really not new information; people have been giving flowers as gifts to each other since ancient times. As a florist, I witness this phenomenon every day. However, now, numerous scientific studies have proven that flowers have positive effects on the brain; they elevate mood, reduce stress, and even help people to heal faster through color, scent, and symbolism. Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness never witnessed someone receiving flowers!

    The Brain-Changing Smile

    One famous study found that women who received flowers smiled the Duchenne, or brain changing, smile, which is a smile of true enjoyment associated with crinkling around the eyes and raising of the cheeks. This smile is associated with positive emotions and related changes in the brain. Gifts of fruit and candles did not elicit this kind of smile, nor did fake flowers. These women also tended to initiate contact with family members or friends and to be more social after receiving the flowers.

    Flowers at Work

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  • 19 Remarkably Surprising Facts About Flowers

    Flowers are much more than pretty faces — they have rich histories, fascinating lives, and a multitude of uses. From the dawn of civilization, flowers have been a very important part of human existence. Flowers were often a part of mythology, religions, rituals, and culture; they have served as medication, food, decoration, fragrance, and body adornment — in fact they still serve all of these purposes. As a florist, I have a wealth of knowledge about flowers, yet I discover something new quite often because there is so much to learn. I would like to share with you 19 fun and marvelous facts about flowers.

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