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  • Flowers That Smell Like The Floor Of A Taxi Cab

    “Take time to stop and smell the flowers”, the old saying goes, but there are some flowers that this just doesn’t apply to, unless you are a fly or carrion beetle. Some plants smell like rotting meat, feces, corpses, and skunks. Why would a flower smell like this? Well, the purpose of flowers is to attract pollinators. Flowers that stink are typically pollinated by creatures like carrion beetles, bats, various types of flies, and certain moths and butterflies--animals that feast on rotten and foul smelling foods. Not surprisingly, many of these plants look like nightmarish aliens from science fiction movies, with petals and structures that mimic the colors and textures of rotting meat. I hope that you enjoy learning about these fascinating plants and try growing a few of the widely available ones yourself. Here are Flowers That Smell Like The Floor Of A Taxi Cab....

    Rafflesia arnoldii (Corpse Flower)

    Corpse Flower

    Photo by: James Gagen (Flickr)

    If you read my blog on endangered plants, you will no doubt remember this fascinating flower. Rafflesia arnoldii, commonly known as the corpse flower, is the largest singular flower in the world, growing up to three feet in diameter and weighing as much as twenty-four pounds. The Indonesian rain forest flower is a parasite with no leaves, and bursts from its host vine like a gigantic, putrid monster. People say that it smells like the rotting flesh of a corpse, but that doesn’t stop it from being a major tourist attraction.

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  • 7 Romantic Flowers That Are Not Roses

    Roses are beautiful, but perhaps you are tired of giving your sweetheart the same old thing all the time. The rose isn't the only romantic flower out there, as you will soon see. I have compiled a list of some very beautiful flowers other than roses that carry messages of romance. Give them a chance and watch your love's eyes light up with delight and surprise.


    Photo by: Tri-X Pan (Flickr)

    In the language of flowers, red tulips proclaim perfect love. As with roses, different colors of the flower carry different messages. Unlike other flowers, tulips keep growing in water after they are cut instead of merely staying alive. The tulip is 11th wedding anniversary flower, with the black, heart shaped stigma in the center of the tulip representing a lover's heart darkened by passion.

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