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Kids Gardening

Gardening is a very enjoyable activity that is quite easy for anyone to do; that’s right, even kids! Apart from simply giving you a chance to have some fun in the sun, it also has plenty of other benefits. Through gardening, you can learn about and monitor plant life and the water cycle, and help to create a better natural environment. You can even grow your own salad, fruits or flowers for mom! Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of space outdoors. Many plants grow very well indoors and can last throughout the year. Gardening is an incredibly rewarding experience so why wait? Let’s get started now!

  • My First Garden – A helpful guide for children starting out with their very first garden. It includes plenty of tips about the basics, checklists, necessary items and planning guides.
  • Easy Plants for Young Gardeners – Parents and kids can browse through this list of plants, seeds, herbs, fruits and veggies to decide what to plant in their garden. All the plants listed tend to grow quickly to ensure exciting results!
  • Kids’ Gardening Projects and Tutorials – These fun and easy animated tutorials will help kids grow different types of vegetables and other plants. The site also includes related projects, such as building worm farms and scarecrows, and online games and quizzes.
  • Gardening Project Ideas for Kids - This website regularly posts updated season-specific articles with gardening ideas and suggestions for kids, including when to plant ahead for the next season and indoor gardening ideas.
  • Flower and Vegetable Planting Guide – Certain seeds have to be planted at very specific times of the year to ensure the best growth spurt. Print out this handy guide and refer to it when you start planning your garden.
  • Kiddie Terrariums – A terrarium is a type of very tiny garden that is grown inside a glass bowl! Some plants can survive in a closed container since they recycle their own air and water, while other plants need an open-top container. You can even decorate the terrarium with little toy animals or gnomes.
  • Growing Indoor Plants – This short but snappy animated slideshow teaches kids the basics of growing houseplants, including providing enough water, sunlight and maintaining the correct temperature.
  • Growing Potatoes – The process of growing potatoes does not require a great deal of maintenance and is a great activity for kids! Do you think you might make your own French fries or baked potatoes with the harvest?
  • Plant a Pizza Garden - Follow this guide to grow all the herbs and vegetables needed for a very yummy pizza. What makes it even more fun is that the entire garden is actually shaped like a pizza too!
  • Grow a Garden with Seed Tape – Seeds can be tricky to handle sometimes; they’re so small and light that they might easily get lost or blown in the wind. Seed tape is a great way to keep track of all the seeds and perfectly control where they are placed.
  • Crazy Colored Carnations – You already know that plants need water to survive, but did you know that pigments in the water can sometimes affect the color of the flowers? Try this easy experiment for some wild results!
  • How to Force Bulbs to Grow – With this clever experiment, children learn how to mimic and fast-forward the effects of nature to cause bulbs to grow much faster than normal.
  • Kids Gardening Activity Kit (PDF) – Download and print off this colorful activity package designed just for kids, packed with tons of tips on growing a garden, how to get rid of pesky weeds and bugs and more.
  • Carrot Experiments – Kids will learn a lot about carrots and general plant-related concepts, such as osmosis, propogation and the growth cycle with this series of gardening projects and science experiments based on carrots.
  • Gardening Tips for Kids – Browse through the top ten list of fun plants for kids to grow and review the helpful tips before starting out with your garden.
  • How to Plant a Tree – This page provides several free printable PDF files with instructions for kids on how to plant and grow a tree. It also includes downloadable handouts about trees, sorted by school grade levels.
  • Plant a Salsa Garden (PDF) – Download this guide to learn how to grow all the plants you need to make salsa. It also includes a delicious recipe so that you can make a batch of home-made salsa after the plants have fully grown!
  • Start a Compost Heap – Don’t throw all of your garden clippings, dead leaves and similar waste matter into the trash! Recycle it back into the earth by starting a compost heap for a lovely pile of nutrient-rich soil.
  • Kids’ Guide to Plants – In this online guide created and designed by kids, young gardeners can learn all about the various plant processes and what they need to survive, along with suggestions of related books, movies and songs.
  • Garden Safety Poster (PDF) – Download and print this poster to help you remember how to stay safe while gardening.
  • Kids Gardening Activity Sheets – Pick and choose from a heap of printable gardening project sheets for kids.
  • Grow Beans in a Jar – This small and easy project is great for a rainy or winter day. You can even use the beans you grow in a delicious dish later on!
  • The Process of Gardening – Learn how to plan and maintain your garden throughout the whole year for some excellent results.
  • Kids’ Growing Guide - All aspects of gardening are broken down into small, easy steps with accompanying photographs to illustrate the points.