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Dish Gardens, Terrariums, Planters

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Dish Gardens or table gardens are extremely popular for any everyday occasion. Most combine an assortment of lush green foliage plants with colorful fresh cut flowers. The result is a long lasting planter that can be used as a centerpiece or placed on a windowsill or bedside table.
Birdhouse Terrarium Cactus Terrarium
Dish Garden in Basket with Fresh Flowers
European Stone Garden
Birdhouse Terrarium
From $49.95
Cactus Terrarium
From $29.95
Dish Garden in Basket with Fresh Flowers
From $54.95
European Stone Garden
Ginormous European Planter
Premium Dish Garden Planter
Tranquility Planter Urn Terrarium
Ginormous European Planter
Premium Dish Garden Planter
From $89.95
Tranquility Planter
Urn Terrarium
From $69.95
Aquarium Terrarium Dish Garden in Basket with Fresh Flowers Dish Garden in Basket with Fresh Flowers Fields of Joy Planter
Aquarium Terrarium
Dish Garden in Basket with Fresh Flowers
From $44.95
Dish Garden in Basket with Fresh Flowers
From $64.95
Fields of Joy Planter

Dish garden plants and terrariums are perfect gifts for any occasion. A plant terrarium from Kremp Florist is a delightful surprise for a friend on a birthday or anniversary. A dish garden plant makes for an excellent housewarming gift or get-well present. All of our terrariums add fresh beauty to any room. Consider some other reasons why our terrariums for sale online are so popular with shoppers.

An Enduring Gift

When you place an order for a plant terrarium, you’re getting a gift that will last for quite a while. We put long-lasting plants in our arrangements so people can watch them flourish for many days to come. For instance, if you give a grieving friend a tabletop terrarium to express your sympathy, that person will be reminded of your kindness every time they look at the plant arrangement. Also, we add fresh flowers and a bow to many of our dish gardens as a finishing touch. A terrarium for sale at Kremp Florist is a novel gift as well as a keepsake.

A Colorful Part of the Décor

Buy a terrarium or dish garden as a gift and it becomes part of the décor of the recipient’s home or apartment. We include decorative stones, colorful pebbles, and other special touches in the designs of our terrariums to make them the highlight of a room’s décor. Shoppers can find dish gardens in our inventory in attractive stone planters, baskets, and other lovely containers. In short, we want people to enjoy our terrariums long after a graduation, birthday, or other special occasion has passed. Keep in mind that we also have some festive holiday flower arrangements available in appealing containers.

A Reusable Gift

After the plants in a terrarium or dish garden are gone, the recipient of the gift can use the container for another purpose. Perhaps the person would like to start a new terrarium or put another plant in the dish garden container. There’s no reason to put this gift in a cabinet to gather dust. It can be reused time and again by people who enjoy adding color and life to their décor.

Finally, please take a moment to check out our company’s history. You’ll find that we are dedicated to pleasing our customers! The terrariums and dish gardens that we sell online are lovingly designed and made with quality materials. We are sure to have a terrarium for sale in our inventory that will bring a smile to the face of a loved one.