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For over 60 years, Kremp Florist has been committed to our customer’s satisfaction. Our Tips and Info section is designed to help ensure that our customers get the most enjoyment possible out of their purchase. Because of the importance of properly caring for flowers, we have provided some useful information on how to properly care for our products.

We highly recommend that before your flowers arrive at their destination that you read through the Care & Handling Flowers, where we give some general care information and also specific care instructions for different flower types.

For Additional flower education read Charles Kremp’s Monthly Articles. Each month Charles Kremp writes on a different topic on anything from the therapeutic powers of flowers to information and advice on wedding flowers. Read Kremp’s Latest Article, browse through his archived ones and make sure to check back frequently to find out anything new Kremp has to say.

Remember, although every flower type is unique, for all flowers a little bit of extra care can make a huge difference in keeping them looking their best for as long as possible.

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